Ukulele Hall of Fame: Ukulele Heros

The Ukulele Hall of Fame, since its creation in 1996, has celebrated this instrument in its entirety. Its entirety, of course, means its early history as something of a novelty instrument and its present-day status as a serious instrument played in concerts and in popular music. The ukulele has its heroes, as does any instrument, and they are celebrated at the Hall of Fame. The site is extensive, having detailed information on historical ukuleles and a host of networking options for ukulele players, both online and off. It is also a great place to get into contact with experts.

Ask Them Questions

The Hall of Fame has an entire section dedicated to visitor questions and answers from experts. Many visitors have vintage ukuleles of whose origins they are unsure. The experts at this site can generally identify such instruments and let their owners know what they have on their hands. This isn’t an appraisal, of course, and those seeking to get a price figure on a collectible ukulele they have in their possession need to seek out someone in person. For those who simply want to know what they have, however, this site is a great resource.

Uke Expos and More

There are a number of expos and other events that are advertised at the Ukulele Hall of Fame. These events are real-life gatherings where fans of the instrument, players both professional and amateur and those who wouldn’t know a Pineapple Ukulele from an actual pineapple can gather. These are great places to meet teachers and other individuals who can help you learn more about the instrument, how it’s played and about the body of music available for it. Of course, they’re also great places to just relax and enjoy hearing some truly gifted ukulele players in action, which is always good fun.

The Hall of Fame has plenty of ways to learn about this instrument available to anyone who visits. They induct players of note into the Hall of Fame on a yearly basis. There are also plenty of resources for learning how to play the instrument. There is also a journal feature on this site, which contains a variety of interesting information on this instrument. The organization behind the Ukulele Hall of Fame itself is a non-profit, of which anyone can become a member. The site has detailed information on membership as well as a host of other useful resources.

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