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Yay, a ukulele for sale! You may not be aware of the many different choices you have when shopping for a ukulele. When we think of a ukulele, we often have this image of a miniature guitar, maybe even held by a man with a big nose and curly hair. But there are a number of different types of ukulele, as well as different shapes. Which you buy is up to you, but here are the choices you will most likely see when shopping . . .

Different Types Of Ukulele For Sale

While most ukuleles are made from koa wood, the sizes and shapes can differ. The other most common woods used is Spruce and Mahogany. There are four basic types of ukulele:

  • Soprano – The soprano ukulele is sometimes referred to as the standard ukulele. It is the smallest of all the ukulele. It has four strings and is affordable for most people.

  • Concert – This one is also referred to as the alto ukulele. It is slightly larger than the soprano model. It sounds fuller than the soprano and that's why some people use this instead of the soprano.

  • Tenor – This ukulele has a different number of strings. You can find it with four, six, or eight strings. This model is the second biggest ukulele, and also can cost in the hundreds of dollars.

  • Baritone – This is the largest of the ukuleles. It has the deepest and fullest sound to it. It has four strings and they can sometimes be tuned like a guitar, near the bottom of the ukulele. This is a difficult instrument to find and costly too.

Other Choices That Can Be Different

Along with these four standard types, a ukulele can come in different shapes, ranging from a cigar-box shape to a pineapple shape. The standard shape is like a small guitar. Manufacturers are always trying to improve or innovate the design of the ukulele. You now have ukuleles that are known as Fluke ukuleles, which sport a more triangular body. Some ukuleles are even solid. The choice of material also is expanded from koa wood to plastic or other types of wood. When you buy a ukulele, you will want to have considered beforehand the many choices of uke's for sale available today.

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