Using A Ukulele Chord Chart

A ukulele chord chart uses diagrams on ukulele music sheets that correspond visually to the strings on your ukulele. Instead of regular music notes, a chord chart allows you to read the music without knowing any music theory. It also gives you a great representation of where your fingers should be placed to sound a ukulele chord. Till this day I still use a chord chart if I'm playing complex chords. It's ideal to keep one handy!

You may think that, since the ukulele is held in the right hand, lefties can't use it, but they can! They simply have to read the chord chart backwards.

The Four Strings

The chord chart grid represents the fretboard and the four strings. The horizontal lines are representative of the fretboard and the vertical lines are representative of the strings. So, the chord chart is a visual tool that sets a grid to represent a ukulele when it is held vertically. Once you understand this concept, the entire diagram becomes very easy to read and quite intuitive.

You simply put your fingers on the strings on the exact location on the fretboard as indicated by the numbers on the grid. Each number represents a different finger. Number "1" is for the index finger. Number "2" is for the middle finger. Number "3" is for the ring finger. Number "4" is for the pinky.

Here's some handy ukulele chord charts:

Standard Ukulele Chords

Baritone Ukulele Chords

The X's and O's

Aside from loving ukulele music, the x's and o's on the diagram represent open strings and whether you strum them or not. If an open string has an "o" above it, then you are to strum this string too. The "x" is less common and means not to strum an open string. Mostly, the diagram shows no "o" to mean the same thing.

The ukulele chord that you are playing is also represented at the top with its appropriate letter. The most popular way to tune a ukulele is the G-C-E-A arrangement. The music will then show these letters at the top of the uke chord chart diagram. Once you learn how to read a chart, you can stop having to look at the diagram for the correct placement of your fingers and just follow the letters at the top.

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