Ordering A Ukulele Case

A ukulele case will help you protect your ukulele from damage when transporting it, and when it is not in use. If your children are learning the ukulele, it can help them care for the ukulele as they take it back and forth from classes. From my own personal experiences, it is a good investment. I broke a Martin ukulele when I was in high school by stepping on it by accident. The damages was costly as well. This all could've been prevented if I only put it away in a case.

Size Matters

If you are ordering the case online, be sure to know the measurements of your ukulele. There are four different types of ukuleles and they don't all have the same measurements. If your ukulele is a custom order, you will want to actually measure it, as it may not fall in line with the standard measurements.

The standard measurements in length are:

  • The soprano has a 21-inch length.
  • The concert or alto has a 23-inch length.
  • The tenor has a 26-inch length.
  • The baritone has a 30-inch length.

If you don't get the correct length, your ukulele won't fit correctly in the case. It's very important to know the measurements of your ukulele before ordering a case. You will also want to get a width and depth measurement too.

Ukulele Cases For Sale

The Type of Case

There are different types of cases out there, just like there are different types of ukulele. A standard black case is fine for most ukuleles. It should come with some heavy buckles that latch firmly and securely. The covering on the case should allow you to grip the case firmly without slipping through your fingers. If you're really looking into protecting your ukulele, a hard case is recommended, like the one pictured above.

A uke case can help protect your ukulele from excessive exposure to poor atmospheric conditions too. Ukuleles that are stored in cases tend to fare better over the years than those that are kept out in the open. They don't crack or warp as much as the unprotected ukuleles. Remember that most ukuleles are made of wood and they are susceptible to moisture and can be damaged this way as well as when they are being transported from one place to another.

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