Excellent Ukulele Books to Download

Ukulele books to download make it possible to teach yourself this instrument. Of course, you’ll likely do much better with a teacher to assist you, but you may find that these books augment your lessons or allow you to get a head start on learning this instrument before starting to work with a professional instructor.

Ukulele Books To Download

Mel Bay

Mel Bay is a well-known publisher of self-instruction books for a variety of different instruments. The Mel Bay Ukulele Method is a good starting point for those who want to learn ukulele from the ground up. It has enough theory to ensure that you’re able to play in ensembles soon after picking up the instrument. The advice on fretting chords also ensures that, when you’re ready to take up more complex parts, your fingerings will be accommodating for doing so.

Ukulele For Dummies

Ukulele for Dummies is available as an e-book, which makes it easy enough to take it with you on your tablet device and do a bit of ukulele practice wherever you feel like it. This book breaks down the ukulele for beginners. Starting with simple progressions and working your way up to more complex pieces, you’ll learn how to get the basics of the instrument down well enough to do very well when you start taking lessons. It also makes a great accompaniment to taking lessons, as you get insight from another angle on the same things that your instructor will likely be teaching you.

How To Play Ukulele: A Complete Guide for Ukulele Beginners

Written by Ben Parker, this is one of the many ukulele books to download and can help you to get started with your ukulele if you’ve never had a lesson before. It has plenty of advice on how to fret chords and single note lines, as well as many tips that should help you to become a better player relatively quickly.

The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs For Better Living

This is part of Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Songbooks and offers a great selection of songs that you can learn to play on the ukulele of varying difficulties. While taking lessons and learning the ins and outs of theory are fun, it really defeats the point if you don’t learn any songs on the instrument. The easiest songs in this collection will provide challenges for beginners that still allow them to achieve something and feel like they’re moving forward. There are songs more appropriate for advanced users, as well.

Ukulele Exercises For Dummies

Another in the For Dummies series, this book gives exercises rather than lessons. Of course, doing an exercise does constitute a lesson, to some degree, but these exercises are good for people who have just started out and they’re good for people who need to brush up on their flexibility and accuracy before they play a gig or just sit down to learn some new music. This book will help you keep your fingers in shape and, if you do the exercises regularly, increase your endurance and your accuracy when you’ve been playing for a long time.

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