What's all the hype about Ukulele Boogaloo?

Ukulele Boogaloo is a website that's built up around the community of ukulele players. It offers some amazing things to those who go in for a visit and it's free. The website address for it is AlligatorBoogaloo.com, oddly enough, but it's all about the ukulele.

The front page has a great blog by Jerrold Connors. It has fun updates and a lot of ukulele related information on it. There Ukulele Boogaloo really shines, however, is in the other sections of the site. These sections offer a lot of value for ukulele players.

One of the great things about taking up the ukulele is that you're taking up an instrument that has a great community built around it. The ukulele can be a very serious instrument and is capable of quite a bit sonically. It's also a lot of fun, however, and it's pretty easy to learn very basic ukulele skills. More advanced players usually got hooked because it was easy to start and challenging to keep going with the instrument.

The Song Book

The song book on Ukulele Boogaloo contains some classics that make it very easy for you to learn new songs. Some of them are in MIDI format and others are in audio formats such as WAV and RAM files. These songs give you a way to listen to some of the most traditional pieces and learn how they're supposed to sound. Combined with a guide to the chords, a beginning player can learn how to accompany groups very quickly this way.

The site also offers songs that tare contemporary. This is a good way to learn new and trendy songs or classics from the 20th Century and the 21st Century. If you just need to know how the accompaniment to a song is supposed to go, these files are great resources because of how they're stripped down to the basics.

Uke World

Uke world is basically a photo bombing section for ukuleles. Find an interesting place and get a pick with your uke in it and send it in to the site. It's fun and ukulele players will likely get a kick out of some of the creative sites that people have taken uke pics at.

Chord Chart

The chord chart on this page is invaluable. With this chord chart, which is designed for ukuleles tuned in all three traditional voices, you could check the songbook section and learn just about anything you wanted, even if you are a beginner. This is a great page to have bookmarked when you're practicing.

There are great links on this page, as well, and that's another way in which Ukulele Boogaloo offers you a lot for no money at all. The site's links section includes quite a bit of educational material and sites and some sites that are just for fun.

Using Ukulele Boogaloo

Make sure you explore Ukulele Boogaloo. If you're a beginner, downloading songs from the songbook section is a great way to experiment a bit. You might find a song on there you know very well—some of them are from within 12 months of their first release, it's not all old music—and be able to get some good study in playing the accompaniment. If you're an advanced player, the songbook is certainly a great way to get someone to accompany you when you're practicing.

This is a great site, but you'll find that it's pretty characteristic of the ukulele world in many regards. There is a lot of free material to be had and a lot of people who share what they know about the instrument. The ukulele was once regarded—unfairly—as a simple instrument that was childishly easy to learn. Learning to play the ukulele well is actually not easy, but the sheer amount of resources that are available to help you along the way, certainly makes the process as easy as it could possibly be in terms of finding good information!

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