Ukulele Bag or Case? That is the question!

A ukulele bag might be more important than you think, even though it's rarely the first thing that you think about when learning to play. In fact, when you are first learning to play ukulele, the most important things to you are probably picking out a nice yet affordable ukulele, a pack of extra strings, and maybe a chord chart. You really can't forget about the importance of the uke bag though. The bag will ensure that your uke is protected from the elements when you are at home and when you travel. Let's look at some of the things you need to consider when choosing one of these bags.

Picking The Right Ukulele Bag Size

First, you need to think about the size of the bag and make sure that it's the right size for your ukulele. If you have a soprano uke, then you will want to find a bag that fits a soprano uke, not a tenor or baritone. Make sure that it's easily portable as well. The case or bag should have a high quality, reliable handle.

Does It Have Enough Padding?

How much actual protection does the ukulele bag offer? You have a couple of options when you are choosing protection. You could choose a soft case or a hard case, and they are both decent options. You want to check to see just how much padding it offers. More padding generally equals more protection.

Just as with the actually ukulele, the materials and the construction of the bag are important. Choose a bag or case made with great materials and that offers quality construction. This will ensure that it lasts longer, making it a better overall buy.

Does It Have Pockets and Style?

While you may not need to carry a lot of accessories with your uke, you will likely want to have at least a couple of pouches and pockets for things such as extra strings. They don't need to have too many pockets or extra spaces, but a little added room might be nice with the bags.

What about your aesthetic style? Cases and bags are more than just black and boring. You will find a number of different and unique options that might be a good fit for your needs and for your artistic sensibilities.

Top Brands and Pricing

Many manufacturers are making these cases today. Some of the top brands that you might want to consider include Hola, Kala, Cordoba, Musician's Gear, and Gator. These are just a few of the brands available though. Find your favorite.

Keep in mind that the price of the ukulele bags varies quite a bit based on the style, brand, and size. Instead of merely looking at the price, make sure you look at all of the other things we mentioned, and then allow those things to factor into the price. For example, if you are paying a bit more for a bag that offers better construction, it will last longer and thus be a better buy.

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