Uke Tabs:
What does it all mean?

The term uke tabs is simply shorthand for ukulele tablature , which is a simple method of learning how to play different pieces on the instrument. Instead of trying to decipher written music with notes and staffs, it simply shows a representation of the ukulele fret board, along with where you need to place your fingers on the instrument when you are picking or making a chord.

When you are looking at a tab, you will find that it has four lines. Each of these lines represents one of the strings on the instrument. They will also tell you what the proper tuning for the ukulele should be for that particular song.

What Do The Numbers On Uke Tabs Mean?

You will see numbers on the tab, which tell you where you will need to place each of your fingers along the fretboard. It is quite simple to tell which finger needs to go onto which fret. Number one represents your index finger, number two is the middle finger, number three is the ring finger, and number four is the pinky.

Additionally, you can figure out when to play the string, by checking the tab description. It will let you know the timing of the song. For example, if it is in ¾ time, each of the strings that you strum will be held for three beats before moving on to the next string. In the beginning, this can certainly be confusing for some players. It can help to listen to the actual song and look along with the uke tab as it plays. This will give you an idea of the tempo, which you can keep in mind when you actually set about playing the instrument.

X's and O's on the Tab

In addition to the numbers, you will also find letters on the tab. You could see an “O” or an “X”. The O means that you will play the string open without pressing down on any of the frets. If there is an X, it means that you will not play the string at all.

It takes just a short time to get used to the idea of using tabs, and you will find that they can be a huge benefit for learning new songs. There is a wide variety of different songs available in tablature, and you might find that you even want to move on to actually learning to read music at some point.

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