Soprano Ukulele

The soprano ukulele is the most well known ukulele around the world. This is the smallest ukulele available, and comes with four strings only. It is usually tuned to the G-C-E-A arrangement.

There are four types of ukuleles: soprano, alto (also called concert), tenor, and baritone ukulele. The tone becomes fuller and richer as you go from the soprano to the baritone. The price also increases for the instrument from the soprano to the baritone.

The soprano is the least expensive of all the ukuleles and this is why it is often recommended for beginners who may not know whether they will be playing the ukulele long-term.

The Scale

The "scale" of a ukulele is the playable string length, which usually goes from the top peg to the bridge of the instrument. This length increases from the soprano to the baritone, with the baritone resembling more of a mini-guitar.

The standard soprano uke has the smallest scale measuring at 13" over all. Compared to the baritone ukuleles, which have a full 19" scale, it becomes obvious that this instrument might be difficult for larger hands. However, it makes it ideal for people who have smaller hands, like children, or other adults who like the challenge of mastering an instrument with a small scale.

Recommended Soprano Ukulele

Why It's Easy to Learn and Hard to Master

Its smaller scale is the reason the soprano is easy to learn and hard to master. With only four strings, you have to really be good at it to get a good range of tonal depth on the instrument. In addition, the small size and scale means that it becomes a little more difficult to play, especially if you are used to having a bit more finger room.

How to Decide?

One of the primary reasons people start with the soprano uke is cost; it is the least expensive, so it offers you a chance to try a ukulele that is easy to tune and won't break the bank. If you think you might be doing more ukulele playing in the future and want something a bit more professional, then the tenor might be more your style. If you want a bigger instrument that has a fuller sound but isn't as expensive as the tenor, then try a concert ukulele.

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