Rogue Baritone Ukulele: Very Cheap & Affordable

The Rogue baritone ukulele represents a way for new players to get into the ukulele as an instrument and one which should be quite intuitive for anyone experienced with a stringed instrument. It also represents a good, affordable choice for experienced players looking to expand their range. These instruments feature a classic design, high-quality fittings and durable construction. Their generally low prices make them an excellent option for those looking to try something new but does not at all indicate a lacking quality or durability where these instruments are concerned.

Traditional Baritone

The Rogue baritone ukulele is tuned to the same pitches as are the top four strings of a guitar: D-G-B-E, from lowest to highest. For those players who consider the guitar to be their first instrument, this ukulele voice represents a good transitional stage in that most of the fingerings will be instantly useful from one instrument to the next. It also means that players who have larger hands may be able to take up the ukulele, which is not known for being forgiving toward those whose digits are not capable of a good deal of precision. The instruments have some nice features that make them desirable to players of all levels.

Rogue Baritone Ukulele Review

Rich Tones

Rogue baritone ukuleles have a deep, rich sound to them that provides a nice contrast to soprano and tenor ukes when they are played together. These instruments tend to be a bit louder than their smaller cousins but this allows their players to branch out a bit where dynamics are concerned. The instrument has 18 frets and a somewhat smaller fret size than a standard guitar. The position markers are inlaid into the neck and the body is entirely wood, lending the instrument its characteristic sound. Moving from a soprano or tenor instrument to one of these will require a bit of adjustment.

Bigger Strings

The baritone ukulele, because the strings are heavier, will require a bit more pressure to fret than will its smaller cousins. This effect is also increased by the longer scale of the neck. The strings are still nylon so the adjustment will not be as radical as it would were one moving from a ukulele to a steel-stringed instrument. For those who have experience playing a nylon string guitar, playing a baritone ukulele should feel quite natural after only a few minutes of adjusting to the different scale and to the absence of the two lowest-voiced strings.

Super Cheap

Rogue baritone ukes offer a rare advantage in that they offer good quality at a reasonable price. Many individuals who, for various reasons, are not quite at the point where they are ready to pick up a ukulele and give it a serious try may be persuaded by this instrument. The lower pitch, larger fret board and the capability to be played at louder volumes makes it a good compromise between many of the best aspects of a guitar and many of the most unique and attractive characteristics of the ukulele family of instruments.

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