Pono Ukulele: Quality Ukes

A Pono Ukulele is not a beginner’s instrument. These ukuleles boast very fine craftsmanship and high-end materials. The company makes no secret of the fact that their instruments are very expensive to produce and that those prices are realized by their customers. These are professional instruments that are designed to be played by individuals with enough technique and experience to make the wood used in the instrument very important and the quality of craftsmanship apparent in the sound that is produced. If you’re looking to get into the big leagues, this ukulele is an appropriate tool for the job of creating musical art.

Pono Ukulele Factory

Made with Solid Woods

The company produces its ukuleles in Asia, but frequently visits to make sure that the highest standards of quality are maintained. The woods used are solid. In this instance, the company is straightforward with its customers. Solid woods are expensive and require a great deal of care compared to cheaper laminates or plastics. Their tone, however, cannot be matched. In professional quality ukuleles, the choice of woods is as important as it is in the construction of violins or concert guitars. In fact, the wood dictates the sound to a great extent.

Caring For Your Uke

Owning a fine instrument, such as a Pono ukulele, requires a lot of responsibility. If they’re not cared for, the price will be paid in the form of cracked and warped wood and, eventually, an instrument whose playability is severely diminished. One of these fine instruments, when properly cared for, is worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s urban legend or fact, many musicians hold that playing a fine instrument increases the quality of its sound and these instruments are designed to be played. To that end, they have several advantages.

Quality Craftsmanship

Ukulele with Music

Quality craftsmanship is exhibited throughout any high-end instrument. The playability is vastly increased as there is a lot of time taken in properly aligning the neck and body, in the choice of hardware and in the construction of the fretboard. If you cannot get a good tone out of a Pono ukulele, it has nothing to do with the instrument. These instruments would be at home on any stage in the world. These aren’t the types of instruments that lend themselves to bargain shopping. Not only does the manufacturer acknowledge as much, they take quite a bit of pride in it.

If you’re a professional and you need an instrument that you can bond with, this ukulele is an excellent choice. These instruments, like all high-quality ukuleles, do require that extra bit of care, but the rewards are immeasurable. The tone is bell-clear, the action is easy on the fingers and accommodates very intricate passages and the lifetime of these instruments can be very long. When you’re ready to hit the stage for real and it’s not just for fun anymore, a Pono uke is something to consider. Like any fine instrument, each one is an individual and waiting for the right player to find it.

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