Oscar Schmidt Ukulele:
The Standard Uke

The Oscar Schmidt ukulele first became popular in Hawaii and slowly made its way around the world. Because of this Hawaiian influence, and the music of Bill Tapia, a jazz legend, the Oscar Schmidt has become one of the most popular ukes in the United States.

This brand of uke has been manufactured since the 1900s, and it has not slowed in productivity. These ukuleles are high quality and are preferred by many beginners and advanced ukulelists. There are many different styles and types of Oscar Schmidts available.

Types of Ukuleles by Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt has different kinds of concert, soprano, baritone, tenor, and bell ukuleles. The difference between them are in the finish and special features, such as the inlay and tuners. You will find that the look varies greatly when you choose one type of wood over another.

Many of them are made from mahogany, spruce top with rosewood back, rosewood, and Hawaiian Koa wood. There are many inlays available, such as vine patterns on the Koa Concert Ukulele, pearl snowflake inlay on the Mahogany Tenor, and an abalone inlay on the Concert Ukulele. Finishes come in semi-satin or gloss. You can get special chrome tuners on these ukuleles as well.

For Sale! Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles

Pricing for the Oscar Schmidt

The cost of a ukulele is must less expensive than most other types of instruments. However, the prices for ukuleles can run very high if you choose to purchase the top quality wood. The prices for ukuleles depend on the type of wood, the finish and the special features on the ukulele. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $75 and up.

Special Accessories

Your ukulele is an investment, so you want to keep it safe from damage. You can purchase a padded bag for your ukulele to help keep your it from being damaged. These bags are usually not very expensive, and can save you from having to purchase another Oscar Schmidt uklele.

Another accessory is an extra set of strings, or a different set to play a variety of music. The baritone ukulele does not sound like other ukuleles, since it is the biggest of the ukes and is tuned differently. By purchasing special alternate strings, you can make your baritone sound more like the concert and soprano ukuleles.

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