Interesting Facts on Oscar Schmidt ou53s Baritone Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt ou53s baritone ukulele can provide years of service to professionals and hobbyists alike. These instruments are constructed of high-quality woods and include hardware that will stand up to hard use. The baritone ukulele is known for its rich, almost guitar-like qualities and this instrument does not disappoint in that regard. A perfect backing instrument for ensembles, whether or not they include other ukuleles, the baritone uke is an excellent choice for those who want a richer sound and, particularly, for those who don’t feel comfortable on the small neck of concert and soprano instruments.

Spruce & Rosewood Construction

This ukulele is made of spruce and rosewood. The top of the instrument is made from solid spruce. This wood lends excellent tonal qualities to the instrument while providing a durable material that will last for many years. The rosewood back and sides offer the instrument a guitar-like appearance, but it is ukulele through and through. These woods also have excellent resonating qualities but provide a solid material for construction, also notable for their durability. This ukulele is ready for the practice room, the studio or the stage, only the player determines how far it can go.

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Gloss Finish & More

The ou53s baritone ukulele has a gloss finish. This protects the instrument and also brings out the beauty of the wood. All wood is subject to damage from temperature and humidity changes. The finish helps to protect against the worst of it. The rosettes are made of Abalone, as are the bindings, which make this instrument beautiful as well as sturdy. The instrument also includes Hawaiian Koa in its manufacture, a traditional wood for ukuleles. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which means the manufacturer doesn’t expect any problems when they send them out onto the market; a good sign of a well-made instrument.

Quality Materials

It also has die cast tuners that will hold a tune throughout a show or a practice. Between the high-quality materials and finishes, this ukulele offers a lot for a very affordable price. Those who regularly play concerts will find it up to par with the demands of professionals and those who are just starting out will find it to be a great instrument to learn on. The instrument’s sound will quickly reward any improvement in technique, making it a lot more fun to learn to play the ukulele.

Affordable Too

The Oscar Schmidt ou53s baritone ukulele provides an affordable option for anyone in need of a baritone ukulele. Those who accompany themselves and who have lower voices will find the tone of this instrument ideal. The quality of construction ensures that whatever you play will not be diminished by an instrument that cannot hold up to the challenge. It is possessed of a tone that is suitable for use with microphone amplification. The Oscar Schmidt ou53s baritone ukulele does not have a pickup, but its presence and body give it the power to be heard.

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