An Oscar Schmidt Ou2 Ukulele
Is A Serious Instrument

Oscar Schmidt has been making instruments since 1886, like the Oscar Schmidt Ou2 ukulele. This company is known for using quality hardwood in their instrument construction. They are also known for offering a great price.

The instruments are handled by skilled specialists in the United States. Each instrument is inspected and adjusted before it sells. This is to ensure the fret ends are smooth, and there is low action with good, solid sound quality. This produces the type of instrument for which this company has become famous for producing – an easy to play, good sounding instrument.

The Construction of the Oscar Schmidt Ou2 Ukulele

This ukulele is a top of the line, quality ukulele. It features an all mahogany construction with a semi satin finish and chrome tuners. The excellent sound quality of this ukulele comes from the bound mahogany neck. This ukulele is made to look like a guitar with the same shape and details. It is always bargain priced and affordable, but also always made to high quality standards and a reliable instrument.

The Oscar Schmidt Difference

The whole aim of Oscar Schmidt is to provide people with an affordable ukulele without making them sacrifice quality. Many times affordable means inferior - products that just do not perform to high standards.

Ukulele manufacturers often compromise the details to be able to offer an affordable price to consumers. Many times these ‘budget’ products are not well made, fall apart easily and have poor sound quality. If they are even somewhat well made, they often are hard to tune or keep in tune, which makes them virtually useless. They are really just an inferior product that is not worth spending even a small amount on.

At Oscar Schmidt, that is not the case at all. Quality and attention to the details is never left behind to save costs. They make sure all the details are covered and that they provide their customers with a quality product that they will love to play and that will last. They are more interested in the customer than making a large profit off their ukuleles. The bottom line is that they just offer a reasonable price for a good product. And in my opinion, they are comparable to Kala Ukuleles.

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