Oscar Schmidt ou13 Soprano Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt ou13 soprano ukulele is designed for professional players. With high-quality construction and excellent tonal qualities, this instrument is also suitable for concert use. It is an acoustic ukulele without a pickup. The hardware on the instrument is of a good quality and the instrument itself is built well enough to merit customization with different tuners and other parts, if desired. High-end woods give this instrument good resonance and an attractive look. The price of this instrument makes it affordable for beginner ukulele players who want a good instrument to start with.

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Made With Spruce & Rosewood

This ukulele is made out of several high-quality woods. The back and sides of the instrument are made from rosewood, a traditional material with lutheirs. The ukulele also features a spruce top, lending to it an attractive blonde finish and making the entirety of the instrument resemble a small guitar to a great degree. These instruments are hand-crafted and are held to high standards of manufacture. Their easy string action makes them a good choice for novice players who have yet to develop their callouses or for advanced players who want a fast neck for complex passages.

Low Cost Uke

This ukulele is priced in a range that makes it sensible for beginners. When you’re shopping for your first ukulele, the axiom about not overspending on an instrument you don’t know how to play holds true. Fortunately, the ukulele is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of instruments. This makes it possible to buy an instrument such as the Oscar Schmidt ou13 soprano ukulele without making a huge financial commitment. Ukuleles, though they’ve only recently become popular outside of Hawaii as serious instruments, do require serious lutheir skills to manufacture. The Oscar Schmidt ou13 soprano ukulele is made with this in mind.

Lifetime Warranty

It is designed to be playable for many years. While it doesn’t have a pickup installed, its pleasant tones make it suitable for being amplified by an external microphone. It comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that this is a product that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind. The woods, properly cared for, can stand up to years of playing, which is why this combination is so popular with larger instruments, such as guitars and acoustic basses. Used for a ukulele, these woods can last a very long time.

Entry Level Uke

This soprano ukulele, though it is appropriate in price for an entry-level player, does have what it takes to make professionals happy. Sturdy, rich-sounding and easy to play, this instrument can hold up to the stresses of touring and to the intense playing that sometimes goes along with performing live shows. It comes with die-cast tuners which hold a tune very well and can be used with any ukulele strings, wound or plain. The gloss finish gives this ukulele an impressive look, whether it’s on stage or being shown off by a proud owner to their friends.

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