Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele ou5

The Oscar Schmidt concert ukulele ou5 is a professional quality instrument. While many good instruments use a combination of woods popular for guitars, which consists of rosewood and spruce, this ukulele uses traditional woods. The top is made of Hawaiian Koa. The sides and back are also made of this fine wood. This gives the instrument a very full-bodied sound with a traditional look. There is still innovation to be found among this tradition, however. This instrument is ready to take the stage, even if the venue being played is very large.

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Active Pickup

This ukulele comes with an active pickup that includes EQ function. This allows the instrument to be plugged directly into an amplifier or, if needed, into a line for recording in a studio setting. It is the same instrument with a cutaway that allows access to the higher frets. Whichever you choose, you’ll find that the quality is very solid and that the instrument delivers where sound is concerned.

For Sale! Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU5

One Size Bigger Then The Soprano

It has a 16-fret neck, allowing a broad range to the player. The instrument is full concert size, which offers more body and depth than the soprano sized ukulele, making it suitable for accompanying music that is more somber than the soprano range can handle. It offers a tone that has plenty of low end compared to a soprano uke, as well. These instruments are handcrafted and provided with high end construction techniques, such as Abalone bindings and rosettes. This gives them a very professional look, befitting their professional sound. Despite their professional design, these instruments are affordable, even for beginners.

Excellent Beginner Ukulele

Where beginners are concerned, this ukulele makes a good choice. Starting on a good quality instrument encourages students to learn as the instrument is fun to play and is capable of producing excellent sound. In low-quality instruments, the most adept students may still end up sounding very bad. Low-quality instruments also have the unfortunate characteristic of leading to poor technique, as chords and notes may have to be fretted too hard and because sustain can be very difficult to achieve on lesser instruments. The Oscar Schmidt concert ukulele ou5 will provide years of service to any player, whether they’re progressing from their very first beginnings or going on tour for the 10th time.

The Oscar Schmidt concert ukulele ou5 comes with Grover chrome tuners, famous for being tenacious about holding a tune. The nut and saddle are made out of ABS, providing an excellent service life without many of the burring problems that come with cheaper hardware. The use of Hawaiian woods makes this ukulele very compatible with traditional music, as the tone is complimentary to the music being played. The looks are very eye-catching and the instrument features a durable gloss finish that preserves the look for years.

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