How to Use an
Online Ukulele Tuner

We searched the internet for a free online ukulele tuner and found a very good one. No matter what kind of instrument you have you will be able to find a tuner that will properly tune it.

A good site like this one will tell you which ukulele it is appropriate for, so be sure you are on the correct web page. If you use the wrong tuner, you will not be able to get your ukulele to match the string sounds.

You need to tune your instrument before you start playing. If you do not tune, your music will not sound as lovely as it should. It is not hard to tune a ukulele, and using an online tuning site will ensure that you play accurately.

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How to Tune Your Ukulele

You will see a picture of a ukulele. Take your ukulele and place it in playing position. Click on the first string on the website to hear what it sounds like. Then play the first chord on your instrument. If the pitch is too high or low, you can adjust it using the tuning knob. Then go back and listen to what the string sounds like online and on your instrument until it sounds the same.

After you tune the first string, go to the next one. You will need to continue to test the one before to make sure that it still sounds correct. After you have gone through each string, go back through each one to see that it is perfectly tuned.

The First Tuning

If you are just learning to play the ukulele and this is the first time tuning your instrument, it may take you a little while to get it perfect. Know that this is just due to it not being tuned before, and the next time you will not have to adjust it as much. The strings need to be stretched over the next few days to a week before it'll hold its tune. Just tune it on a daily basis for a week or so, and your strings should stay in tune. That's how brand new strings operate!

Using an online ukulele tuner makes it easy to learn the tuned sound of each string. After you use it a few times, you may not need it any longer because you will know what your ukulele sounds like when it is tuned.

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