Big Island Ukulele Luthier...Moore Bettah Ukuleles

Moore Bettah Ukuleles are made by Chuck Moore, who produces these ukuleles in a very traditional manner. These are very high-end instruments that are built from scratch, using hand techniques and modern technology where it provides a better option. They come out of Opihikao, and isolated location on the big Island of Hawaii. It just happens that the best Koa wood also comes from this island, which makes it an ideal location for manufacturing ukuleles in the traditional fashion.

The Sound of a Moore Bettah Uke

The Process Of Moore Bettah Ukuleles

These ukuleles are built under conditions that leave nothing to chance from start to finish. The wood is handled in an environment where the humidity is controlled. This prevents the wood from becoming too acclimated to the environment in Hawaii, which is far more humid that it is in most places.

The advantage in this is that, if a customer purchases a ukulele and it is shipped to another part of the world, the wood won’t be so adjusted to Hawaii that it will be damaged by the changes in climate.

Mango, kiawe and koa are all used in the manufacture of these ukuleles. There also manufactured out of locally available wood, and no plywood or veneer is ever used in the construction of these instruments. Each of these woods has a distinctive tonal characteristic and that is incorporated into the design of the instrument itself.

Moore Bettah Ukulele

Ebony, cocobolo and other rain forest woods are used for the bindings in the instruments. No endangered wood is used in the construction of these instruments. When it comes to ornamentation, Moore Bettah Ukuleles are very sophisticated, incorporating elements such as fossil walrus ivory, black pearl shells and other materials. Abalone shell and composite stone are oftentimes employed for the details, as well.

It takes approximately two months to complete the process of building a More Betta ukulele. The reason for the long manufacturing process is to allow the instrument to settle after it has been created. After everything has settled and the instrument is ready to be made into its final form, it is given a lacquer finish, providing the final touch and protecting the wood at the same time.

Because of the amount of time that is taken in creating these ukuleles, their very well protected against damage and are very reliable instruments. This ukulele manufacturer is, as one may have guessed, likely to appeal to professional players more than beginners, due to the very detailed process and the expense involved with their instruments. However, for an heirloom quality instrument made in the traditional fashion, of traditional materials and with incredibly exacting attention paid to detail, quality and sound, it is hard to do better than Moore Bettah Ukuleles. One of these instruments would most certainly enjoy an important position among the most prized ukuleles of any performer.

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