Straight from Hawaii
Comes the Mele Ukulele

The ukulele shop that makes the Mele ukulele was started by Michael Rock. All the way back in 1981, he decided to move to Hawaii and make wooden furniture. This business venture led to him getting into ukuleles and eventually opening up the shop that makes the beloved Mele uke. In the 80s, he started repairing ukuleles for friends. He liked doing this, and that led to him actually designing and then building his own ukes. The look and the style of these instruments is something that makes them a real standout, not to mention there sound. Before long, Rock realized that he would be able to sell his instruments, and that’s when things really started to take off.

Mele 4 String Spruce/Mahogany Uke

The Growth of Mele Ukulele

Over the years, Rock and Mele Uke continued to make high quality instruments that were unique and that soon became beloved by the ukulele community. Some of the top names in the genre started playing his instruments, and this brought him a substantial amount of renown. In the early 90s, he started Hawaiian Instrument Designs, or HID Maui. Once this brand was off and running, he was able to improve the techniques used for creating the instruments, and he was able to add a number of features to them. In 1995, he introduced Braddah Ukuleles, which became extraordinarily popular.

The 90s were a great time for the instrument, as it really began to see a huge resurgence in popularity. In fact, ukes, and the Mele ukulele, were selling so quickly that Rock actually had to open up a separate factory just so they could produce the number of ukes that were in demand. The factory is in Waiehu, while the store is in Wailuku.

The Company Today

With Mele Uke, they’ve solidified their place as one of the top uke makers in the world. They offer up a wide range of different lines, and all of them are popular with uke players. It is possible to find models that are ideal for students who are just starting to learn the instrument all the way up to semi-professional ukuleles. While Rock is not able to make all of the instruments himself, all of them are still handmade using their special two-part process.

One of the reasons that people love these ukuleles is the fact that they are actually quite affordable, which is stunning when you consider that they are handmade and very high quality. They are a great buy for just about any uke player.

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