The Famous Martin Strings

Martin Strings are well known among professional musicians. Combining modern materials with a commitment to quality, the company turns out products that are used by professionals and everyday players alike. Martin’s line of ukulele strings is no exception to this rule. Provided with options for baritone and standard ukuleles, these strings offer excellent tone quality. The wound strings have good low end and the high strings can deliver great articulation on fast passages on the highest frets. These strings have long been an industry standard among guitarists, mandolin players, banjo players and ukulele players alike.

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Durable & Long Life

These strings are very durable and cost-effective. This makes them ideal for an everyday string that will last a long time between performances. Their fast-stretching properties make them excellent for concert strings, as a new set can easily be stretched out enough to maintain its tune very quickly. To stretch the strings, simply pull them away from the body of your uke, tune them up and then repeat the process. When they hold their tune, they’re ready to play, whether you’re practicing or playing a live performance. These strings are also excellent choices for ukuleles with pickups, which are becoming more and more common among professionals.

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Nylon Gut Strings

While much is made of traditional gut strings and the care that goes into their manufacture. These strings are crafted to very precise standards. Where wound strings are concerned, the windings themselves must be made of high-quality materials and wound to exacting specifications. Martin Strings has a reputation for holding this aspect of their strings to the highest standards. This results in improved longevity as well as tone. These strings can provide many hours of practice time for any musician.

They also requires that their core materials are of the highest standards. This means that the wound strings are of the utmost quality from the core out, ensuring that the sound delivered is always commensurate with what one would expect of a professional product. The nylon strings provide durability with the ability to respond to very subtle technique on the part of the player. They are strong enough to last through many hours of practice or performance and hold their tone well. As is the case with all strings, a bit of maintenance will extend their life and your dollars.

Wipe Them Down After Use

Remember to wipe down strings after use. Martin Strings with windings may last a shorter amount of time for players with certain body chemistries, particularly the ph in your sweat. This makes it a good idea to make sure that you wipe down the strings and the neck of your instrument when you’re done playing. Remember that temperature and humidity will affect the tuning of your strings. If you live in an area where the temperatures get cold, let your strings warm up before you tune them to pitch. Humidity isn’t as much a concern with modern strings as it was with older types.

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