Learn to Play the Ukulele, the Easy Way

If you have been wanting to learn to play the ukulele, you're in good company.

Ukulele greats like Jake Shimabukuro have inspired all sorts of songsters to get in on the ukulele craze, like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and many others.

You don't hear much about Tiny Tim anymore, who at one time was THE ukulele man of all time. No, these days it's the rockers and shakers bringing the ukulele to the forefront.

The Uke Gains Followers

The Ukulele has been growing in popularity in recent years, with legends like Eddie Vedder embarking on national tours, and releasing an album for everyone to enjoy the music produced by this wonderful little instrument.

It could be argued that deciding to learn to play the ukulele is just a fad due to the vast number of people learning to play this magnificent instrument (including many famous celebrities).

But, once you pick up the uke and feel the elegant little miracle in your hands, you will quickly realize this is not a fad – the uke is here to stay.

The ukulele transforms you. It may not turn an adrenaline freak into a serene yen seeker, but the average person will find the instrument an enjoyable hobby, very relaxing and highly addictive.

The sounds you can produce just make you feel good all over – inside and out. You can go from near metal to gospel. The range and potential is phenomenal.

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'oles music has been highlighted recently with the magical splendor of the ukulele, showcasing a number of top celebrities strumming sweet melodies with ukuleles in their hands.

Naturally, this has led to an exponential rise in the number of people learning to play the ukulele.

Video Lessons

Whether you have just purchased your first ukulele like many Jake Shimabukuro wannabes, or have had the little thing sitting in your closet for a while and are now ready to learn to play the ukulele, there is help on your way to strumming like a pro. With the right guidance you can save a lot of money by learning to play on your own, without the need for one-on-one lessons first ukulele lesson.

The biggest downside for a newbie is knowing where to start. You pick up your uke, find a comfy seat and start smiling like a silly little flower child. Then you get hit in the head with reality.

You might start strumming away like many a newbie, but quite quickly you realize you are making a bunch of senseless noise, not anything close to resembling music. This leaves you feeling a little bit stupid and quite a bit down-hearted.

The internet is fabulous, but there is so much information, it becomes like a sea of knowledge. Where do you begin finding a way to learn to play the ukulele? A way that will be effective and not cost you a small fortune?

Finding the right video tutorials is difficult, but once you do, it is the easiest way to learn to play the ukulele.

Finding the right video tutorials right video tutorials is difficult, but once you do, it is the easiest way to learn to play the ukulele.

Learn To Play Wipeout

These videos are great. Make sure you follow lessons in this order to get the most out of the videos and to learn to play the ukulele in the shortest time possible:

  1. Start with the chords – major, minor and 7ths.
  2. Learn how the chord progressions work.
  3. Work on strumming techniques.
  4. Commit to memory the chord scales.
  5. Finally the picking techniques.

Learning the basics of playing (understanding chords, chord progressions and strumming) lays a strong foundation and prepares you for picking (the fun part). That is how the majority of ukulele players learn. And of course, you should practice every day.

The ukulele is actually one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play. Once you have the basics down, give yourself a little time and practice, and you will be playing like a pro in no time.

Of course, the most important part about learning any new skill is to learn the proper technique from the start. Without a solid foundation, even the simplest task seems overwhelming.

The right foundation starts with the right guidance. That means more than just having the best sheet music, you need the best instruction, as well.

These ukulele video lessons guide you through the important steps it takes to be the best ukulele player you can possibly be.

Learn to play the ukulele with software

Starting to learn to play the ukulele with a software training program is very much like having your very own personal teacher, but at a fraction of the cost.

This software, designed by Beatnik, (aka Nick Night), has helped thousands of people become fabulous ukulele strummers and pickers.

Nick has actually developed quite the cult following with his ukulele training software.

What makes the software so popular is that it is easy to use and mostly because it actually works. When used in combination with the online videos (mentioned earlier), you get the right start you need to become a confident, advanced ukulele player.

How does the software work?

You download the program, which includes all of the tips and tricks you need to learn the basics. You get visual and audio flashcards that teach you how to recognize chords by sight and sound.

This is a vital step in learning how to read sheet music, which involves more than 168 chords that you will eventually imbed into your memory, much the way you embedded the alphabet into your brain when you first learned how to read.

Once embedded in your brain, the way the chords on the sheet music are strung together make sense, much like reading a page in a book.

Additionally, you will learn the correct way to fine-tune your ukulele – which is also a vital point in producing the beautiful music you dream about.

If you know anyone who plays the axe, you know that tuning is the key to hitting the notes you desire and creating the music you love.

Learning should be fun – no matter at what age you begin. Taking up a musical instrument does not have an age limit.

Forget about not being able to teach an old dog a new trick. You can learn anything you like, at any age. If you don't believe that, do a Google search on Gramma Moses.

If learning is not fun, you may be tempted to give up. Beatnik has developed the program to be so much fun that you won't even realize how much you are learning.

There are interactive quizzes, detailed instructions and all the help you need, in case you run into a stumbling block.

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