Learn the Ukulele:
Easily and Quickly

If you are looking to learn the ukulele, you will find that it is easy and you will move through the lessons quickly. Most people can pick up a ukulele and start playing music by the end of the first day. You will be surprised at how much you can do with your ukulele in a short period of time.

Lessons for Ukulele

Lessons for the ukulele will help you feel comfortable with the instrument, and teach you exactly what you need to know to follow its sheet music. You will first need to learn how it feels to place your fingers on the chords. Place each of your fingers on the chords starting with your index finger and ending with your pinky.

The way that you play this instrument is by strumming your fingers on the strings. This will produce the chord you want to begin playing the music. First thing to practice is how to strum one chord and then transition to another chord easily.

Feeling comfortable switching fingers on the ukulele will help you play music well. This transition between chords will make your sound flow. The most important skill for your first lesson is to feel comfortable and get a handle on switching fingers between chords.

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Sheet Music

Once you feel comfortable moving your fingers on the strings, you will be able to play music from sheet music. Your ukulele will come with a chart that will show you how to identify the chords with your fingers. Your index finger is the number "1" and belongs on the first string. Each finger following is a consecutive number on a string.

When you read sheet music, you will see which fingers (indentified as numbers) belong on the fretboard. If you follow each chord, you will soon hear the music. At first, you may feel it is difficult to look at the music and not at your fingers. After a little time, you will learn which fingers go to which chord and be able to strum the strings only looking at the sheet music.

Once you have become comfortable with playing each chord on your beginners' sheet music, you will be able to move on to more advanced music. This music will require you to play faster and switch fingers much more smoothly. With practice, you can learn the ukulele and impress your friends and family.

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