Variety is Key with
the Lanikai Ukulele

The Lanikai Ukulele has a reputation of being a great quality manufacturer of ukuleles, and much of that reputation stems from the fact that they are a part of the Hohner brand. While these ukuleles are manufactured in China, they still carry much of the quality for which Hohner is known.

The company makes a wide range of different ukuleles, as you can see from the list of ukes further down the page. They are a popular choice because they offer such a variety from budget priced beginner’s models all the way through to the high-end studio ready ukuleles. Players will find various sizes, from the soprano up to the baritone. They can choose ukuleles made from solid wood or those featuring laminate. They even have koa wood ukuleles, which is the traditional type of wood used in their construction. No matter your style or your budget, you should be able to find something in the Lanikai Ukulele line that fits your needs.

About Hohner

You know you can trust a name like Hohner, and that’s just one of the reasons these ukuleles are so popular today. Hohner has been around since 1857, and they’ve grown to become one of the top names in the music business today. They make everything from drums to ukuleles to harmonicas. In fact, most people know the company from their famous line of harmonicas. Many musical luminaries have worked with and used products that come from Hohner, including Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks. With such a long and illustrious history, it’s no wonder that more and more players are starting to look at this company for their ukuleles. They are doing some marvelous things.

Lanikai Ukulele Models

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the different models and styles of ukulele you can find through the company. You should have no trouble finding something that suits your needs perfectly!

  • UkeSB - Here’s an interesting ukulele that makes it faster and easier than ever to record your music. You can use the uke’s USB functionality to connect to your computer and recording program. It has simple plug and play tech, and it can produce studio quality recordings. Comes in: Hawaiian Koa Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone in different colors
  • TunaUke - The ukes that are a part of this series feature a compensated nut and a moveable saddle, which helps to keep everything in perfect tune all the way up and down the neck. They are available in: Soprano, Soprano Pineapple, Concert, Tenor, Baritone

  • Exotic Series - These ukuleles feature different types of wood that you might not normally associate with a uke. These different woods, including Monkey Pod and Zebrawood, can help to change the tone and the sound of the instrument. Some of the different woods include: Concert, Tenor
  • Curly Koa - Made from beautiful Hawaiian Koa, these have a nice and crisp tone to them. Comes in Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone.
  • O Series - These feature solid spruce tops, Ovankoi backs and sides, and double strings. They look and sound wonderful. Tenor sizes.
  • Quilt Ash - Ash is a popular instrument for instruments, and these beautiful ukuleles make it readily apparent as to why. They look great and sound spectacular. Available in Concert and Tenor.
  • Stage Series - Here you will find some unique instruments, including the banjo uke. They have a unique and fun sound you will love. Concert and Soprano sizes.
  • Mahogany Series - Mahogany is a nice, dense wood that looks beautiful. The sound is excellent as well, and it is a very popular choice with Lanikai Ukulele. Available in Concert and Tenor sizes.
  • LU Series - These are popular for beginners, as they are the most affordable in the Lanikai line. They are a perfect choice for those just starting out. They are available in many lengths and colors. Tenor, Baritone, and Concert sizes.

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