KP Ukulele - Custom Ukuleles From Maui

KP Ukulele, Ken Potts' company, began in the year 2000, and he's been making some high quality instruments that have quickly become beloved by those who play them. One of the things to realize about the ukuleles that come from this company is that each is a one of a kind creation. You will not find mass marketed ukuleles from the company. Ken does it by hand and makes some gorgeous instruments that play beautifully and sound perfect. He doesn't cut corners and tends to go the "old school" route when it comes to creating the instruments.

At KP Ukulele, Customer Service Is A Priority

The atmosphere there is friendly, and he encourages customers who are interested in having an instrument custom built to call him and talk about it. He wants to build a ukulele that is perfect for the individual who orders it. He understands that people have different wants and needs. They might want different wood, or they might want something special added to the uke. Some might need a soprano, while others might need a baritone. Everyone has a story, and he wants to hear it. Once you've talked about your story, you can work toward coming up with an instrument that will be perfect for your needs.

One of the things that make KP Ukulele different is that they don't charge you extra just for talking with them on the phone about making a custom instrument. Another thing that makes them different is that they are a green company. All of the ukuleles that Ken builds are created via electricity generated from the 26 solar panels he has on his buildings.

From Oregon to Maui & Carpenter to Ukulele Maker

Ken Potts was a professional carpenter who moved from Oregon to Lahaina to make some of the most renowned ukuleles in the world. The instruments he creates are certainly not a beginner's instrument. The custom ukuleles will typically cost between, $1,000 and $3,200 for a single instrument. However, the handmade ukes that have just the right style and shape, and just the right amount of varnish, are well worth it. They are more than a few steps above the mass marketed ukes that are on the market today. Listening to one will show you the difference.

Potts also runs a repair shop for ukuleles, and it tends to be quite busy. He truly loves the instrument, and that's why he puts so much care and love into each of the instruments that he makes. Are the instruments a good choice for you? It's a good idea to consider a KP Ukulele instrument one of the pinnacles in the uke world. You might not want one if you are just starting out, but if you've been playing for several years, or you play professionally, then it can be a fantastic investment.

If you ever get to Lahaina, you may want to stop into the shop and talk about what it would take to get a custom uke of your own.

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