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Koolau ukuleles come in both professional designs and designs made for people who are more casual ukulele players. The company is well known for its traditional ukuleles, which constitute the lower priced versions of their instruments but has added the Model CS ukuleles, which are more modern and more expensive.

They have made an effort to switch over to different types of woods from some of the traditional forms, as Hawaii suffers a diminishing amount of forest land, as does the rest of the Pacific.

Design Your Own Custom Ko'olau Ukulele!

Traditional Series

The Model 1 and the Model 100 are the traditional ukuleles manufactured. The reason that these ukuleles typically cost less than their other ukuleles isn’t because of diminished quality in any regard. These ukuleles are simply less ornate than their more expensive versions, which bring the price down. The advantage in this is that it allows a casual player to get a very high-quality instrument for a reasonable price.

CS Contemporary Series

The CS Contemporary Series is very much designed for professional players. These instruments are typically far more adorned than the Traditional Series and feature many more options.

The CS Series has innovations including radiused fret boards, the availability of 6- and 8-string models and more. The company will also customize instruments according to the needs of specific musicians.

Deluxe, Premium and Collector's Series

These instruments are the highest end instruments that they produce and are definitely aimed at professionals. These are custom ordered instruments and of course, most people who have enough of an idea of what type of an instrument they want are going to be professionals. When creating one of these instruments, the company starts at a figure and then adjusts the price according to the customizations that the musician orders.

Custom Koolau Ukuleles

Koolau Ukuleles allows for customizations including variations in wood selection, binding materials and finishes. For musicians who have a preferred brand of tuner, they can be upgraded. Some musicians prefer electric instruments to acoustic instruments and the company will add electric pickups to their instruments.

The company also offers specialized storage cases that offer a great deal of environmental control.

Some of the lines include significant upgrades to standard ukulele equipment without any customization at all. For example, the CS Series includes an ebony faceplate, ebony bridge, and many other upgrades.

They have a nice diversity of instruments available and the customization options are particularly useful for professional players. Even for beginning players, however, this company presents an opportunity to get a very well made instrument at an affordable price, which can make learning and playing the ukulele a lot more fun and a lot more productive.

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