Koolau Gold Strings

Koolau Gold strings are made in Hawaii, specifically for the ukulele. Unlike many other brands of strings, the manufacturer of specializes in providing high-quality strings for this unique instrument. Available in wound and plain designs, they can accommodate a wide range of play styles. There are strings available for every range of the instrument, allowing ensembles to use the same strings for consistency purposes. These strings are used by professional players and the company has garnered a good reputation for itself in Hawaii and in the rest of the world, as well.

Hear the Difference

Koolau Gold Strings Loud Dynamics

These strings have a timbre that makes them suitable for live performance or recording purposes. They are capable of loud dynamics, allowing the ukulele to cut through the sound of other instruments that might overwhelm it. The gold-wound nylon strings can also hold up to a lot of punishment, making them ideal for players who make use of a hard right hand strumming technique. While these strings are concert-quality, they have some notable differences with other strings on the market that are also very popular with performers, specifically gut strings. Modern materials offer advantages over gut strings that some performers find impossible to pass up.

Modern Strings

Playing Ukulele

These strings hold a tuning as only modern strings can. Unlike gut strings, there isn’t a requirement that the player go through a long process of stretching and retuning to get the instrument to hold its tune. While all strings do require some degree of stretching, modern strings are far less temperamental than the older materials used by some musicians who prefer an historical sound. This use of modern materials, however, does not mean that Koolau Gold Strings lack in subtlety or that they are unresponsive to subtle technique.

Nylon Strings

Plain nylon strings offer a soft, clear sound that is popular with players who prefer a lighter technique. They are responsive enough to offer excellent clarity and tone, but tough enough to stand up to the more energetic moments in a song. String sets with wound 3rd and 4th strings offer a bolder, more modern sound that allows the player to throw all of their energy into the more demanding parts of the song. They also allow the player to emphasize the unique qualities of wound strings, such as their range of twang and throaty tones that offer a great deal of character to a song.

These strings are made for professionals, but are also very popular with students. Gut strings are oftentimes too fragile for beginner students. They are also vulnerable to being cut in half by rough or sharp spots on your bridge or nut, which makes them rather demanding choices. For most players, modern materials are the preferred choice to string their instruments. Koolau Gold Strings offer modern materials with a classic sound, making them an ideal choice for all levels of musicians. They are also suitable for instruments fitted with pickups, where gut and other strings may not hold up.

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