KoAloha Ukulele

The KoAloha Ukulele name is actually a combination of two words: koa and aloha. It pretty much equates to "The love of Koa", in English. They are known as one of the island's premiere ukulele manufacturers. All their ukuleles are hand-crafted and created to meet high standards of sound quality and comfort.

Indeed, the body of the is made from solid koa wood, so the sound is welcoming, just like the familiar "aloha" greeting. These distinctive and fine-sounding ukuleles are made in the district of Kalihi in Honolulu, and come with a "better than the weather" guarantee.

A Little Sample and History of Koaloha Ukulele


The company prides itself on making ergonomically-designed ukuleles, no matter what the size. They do carry many different sizes and styles. They are all hand-crafted to demanding standards that have placed this company at the top of their industry. They offer a soprano, concert, tenor, and six-string series of ukuleles.


Generally, they have a variety of styles from long-neck to pineapple ukuleles in the various categories from soprano to tenor. They specialize in building full-size ukulele models. Many of the models are offered in either 100% koa wood construction or partial koa body and mahogany fretboard. The ones that are 100% koa are significantly more expensive. They are also considered more authentic, however.

The styles increase in price from soprano to tenor and six string. You can expect to pay top dollar for a KoAloha, starting at $440 for a koa body only soprano. You can end up spending over $1000 dollars on some models and way more for a custom ukulele.

"Better than the Weather" Guarantee

This is the name the company gives to their guarantee to repair or replace any ukulele that has either: faulty workmanship, defective materials, or wood movement. However, they do reserve the right to judge how any damage might have occurred to decide whether the claim falls under their guarantee. Still, you can't go wrong with this type of guarantee if what you are looking for is to buy an instrument that is built to last and give you optimum performance for many years.

The Koaloha Uke is recognized as a very fine investment that can retain its value in the market place, if properly maintained over the years.

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