Benefits of Koa Wood

The Koa is a large tree endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and koa wood is extremely popular. These trees can grow to be quite tall, generally between 49’ and 82’. In some cases, they can grow even larger, reaching nearly 100’ and having a girth of around 20’. Despite their size, they also happen to be one of the fastest growing trees in Hawaii, and area able to reach around 30’ in about five years. This is very good news, because these trees, and all that they offer, are quite popular for a number of reasons.

Koa Wood Common Uses

Ancient Hawaiians would use the trunk of the Koa tree in order to create their dugout outrigger canoes. They would also use the wood to make their surfboards. The wood has a beautiful grain and appearance, which makes it highly popular when it comes to creating furniture. It’s also sought after for carving for the same reason.

Koa also happens to be a great wood when it comes to making different types of instruments. It’s most famous for use in ukuleles. However, it is also popular when it comes to acoustic guitars, Hawaiian steel guitars, and more. A number of popular manufacturers, including B.C. Rich and Fender, have made guitars out of the wood.

Koa makes a great choice for instruments because it is able to offer two characteristics that are essential. First and most important, the wood is able to provide the resonance and sound that you need from an instrument such as a ukulele. When you have a uke made from Koa, you can be sure that it will sound great. However, that’s not the only reason that it’s so popular with ukulele players. It also happens to be quite beautiful. The grains are extraordinary, and each piece looks like a true work of art. They are all one of a kind.

Koa Ukulele's

As mentioned, Koa is one of the most popular types of wood when it comes to the ukulele. Since it is so popular, you may have a desire to have one of these instruments made from the wood. After all, it does give it that authentic Hawaiian feel and sound. However, the ukes made from this wood also tend to have a higher price. If you are on a budget and buying your first instrument, then you might want to choose another type of wood. While Koa is certainly nice, it’s not the only wood available for ukes. You can also choose from mahogany and spruce, for example. These other woods are cheaper, but they also sound great, so long as you buy from a quality manufacturer.

When you are choosing your ukulele, make sure that you consider many different factors, including the type of wood that’s in use. If you can afford the Koa, then by all means make it a part of your collection. You will love the look and the sound of the instrument, and you will love having an authentic part of Hawaii with you.

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