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Kanilea ukuleles offers instruments that meet the needs of professional players, as well as instruments that are directed more towards the needs of everyday players. These instruments are built in the traditional fashion, with all the wood used being hand selected and each instrument being checked for quality, tone and a great deal of attention given to the aesthetic beauty of the instrument, as well.

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Making Kanilea Ukuleles

Kanilea Ukuleles

Spruce, walnut, sitka, myrtle, mango, rosewood, cocobolo, purple heart and other woods are used in the manufacture of these instruments. As its standard choice, they use traditional koa wood to manufacture its instruments.

These instruments are made by individual craftspeople who select each piece of wood for tone and beauty. After the wood is selected, it is cut and put into place on the instrument by the craftspeople at the factory.

Their ukuleles have some distinctive design elements that make them stand out a bit from other high-end brands. They are notable for their slanted headstock designs, which give instrument something of an electric instrument feel and a very modern look. They also set up their instruments so that anyone of them can be fitted with a G string in the fourth position. With this addition, the ukulele takes on a deeper sound and it allows that particular string to be tuned a full octave lower than ukuleles are usually tuned.

These variations on their designs make the ukuleles very flexible. Players can get interesting tones out of them and, by adding the lower string, they can bring down the overall tone of the instrument, making it lush, full and likely better suited to singers who have lower voices and who want to use an instrument that might accompany them better.

They also come in 6- and 8-string versions. In order to make these instruments a bit stronger, a carbon fiber rod is added into these designs to stabilize the neck. Not only does this make the instrument better able to stand up to tunings were more tension is an issue, it also affects their tone, giving it an overall better sound.

Just about any version of their ukulele instruments can be made in the aforementioned string options, except for the baritone and soprano voices.


Kanilea ukuleles come in a range of prices. This is among the manufacturers that offer instruments that are priced at a very professional level and instruments that are priced at more affordable levels. The lower-priced ukuleles are great options for people who want a high-quality instrument from a reputable manufacturer but who don’t want to go professional just yet. For professional players, the options available from this manufacturer should satisfy just about any need they have and the adherence to quality manufacturing processes and quality materials makes them reliable, attractive and beautiful sounding instruments.

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