Kamaka Ukulele: The Most Famous Ukulele Of Them All

Kamaka Ukulele

The Kamaka ukulele is made in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the Kakaako district, and is world-renowned for its high quality standards. The fact that they are made there makes the crafting process very authentic. Most are made from koa wood, as they should be, to produce a high quality sound. The sound coming from these ukuleles is so rich that it is said other manufacturers cannot duplicate it. If you ever get a chance to visit our beautiful aina (land) and moku (island), you may want to pick one up as an heirloom to pass down to the next generation. Beside being a top notch ukulele, it's a great investment too!

The Story of the Kamaka Ukulele

Providing Hawaii Schools with the Best

The philosophy of the company is one that is proud of its product. They supply Hawaiian schools, both public and private, with instruments, so that even children who are beginners can learn to play the ukulele. It is said that by learning on a high quality instrument, children can learn to love the sound more and be more enthusiastic about learning and playing the instrument.

Signs of an Authentic Kamaka

There may be people on eBay trying to sell Kamaka ukuleles, but that doesn't mean they are authentic. There are some features that can help you distinguish an authentic Kamaka uke from an imposter, but even these can be copied. If you can't have an expert certify the authenticity, it is easy to be fooled. You should buy from only authorized Kamaka retailers to assure yourself that the instrument is authentic.

You may have to wait to get the ukulele that you want, because there is a high demand for Kamaka ukes. Once you do get one, it should come with a new serial number that was not previously available. This serial number will help to certify that you own an authentic Kamaka. It tells the company who the original purchaser of the instrument is and where they got it. It will also identify the model.

Also, there is a "KK" decal on an authentic Kamaka. There is also a label on the sound hole that can identify it. So, the surest way to get an authentic Kamaka Uke is through an authorized dealer.

You can pay quite a bit for an authentic Kamaka instrument. The good news is that there is a large secondary market for used Kamakas if you decide to resell.

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