Kala Ukuleles: The New Kid on the Block

Kala ukuleles come in a staggering different number of designs. This ukulele manufacturer is relatively new compared to most others, and they’re notable because of this diversity of options among the products. Their designs include very traditional and very high-end ones, innovative and modern designs and novelty designs that aren’t really designed for serious players at all.

Though they haven’t been around for very long, it's likely to be very common sights for somebody starting out shopping for a ukulele. Because of the range of models they have on the market, you’re likely to see these represented most everywhere. In some cases, they are very good instruments, entirely suitable for professional players.

Kala Ukuleles: Mahogany Series Review

Acacia, lacewood, curly mango, mahogany and other exotic woods are used in the manufacture of some of these ukuleles. Their ukuleles, particularly at the lower end, don’t all use remarkably high quality wood, but the company definitely does have models that will appeal to people who have a very developed ear for tone and who want a specific type of wood or, at least, one of the better options on the market.

Among their high-quality options, they offer a full range of voices, along with six- and eight-string versions of some models. If you happen to be a player who comes to really like this brand, you will certainly be at no shortage of options for other products from their label.

Acacia Series Review

At the bottom of the spectrum are Kala ukuleles novelty models. These instruments are not designed for serious playing, but they are entirely enough for sing-alongs, playing casually or just having something interesting to put up on the wall. The novelty designs include ones with creative paint schemes, such as camouflage. Other ones are shaped like fruits and have other fun designs to them, but aren’t really serious instruments designed to produce the highest quality sound.

They also got ukuleles with cutouts in the bodies and other very modern body shapes. These ukuleles offer a different sort of playability compared to a standard ukulele. For people who really like to be able to get easy access to the topmost frets on the instrument, the cutaways are perfect. They help to reduce stress on the hands and they allow for more accurate and proper fretting of the string.

Kala ukuleles likely has a model that’s suitable for anybody who wants a ukulele at any level of skill. Professional ukulele players could likely find something very good among their offerings. Likewise, people who just want something that makes them think about Hawaii could easily afford one of their novelty ukuleles and they should be more than high enough quality for people who want to sing around the occasional campfire, learn a few easy songs are just see what it’s like to actually pick up a ukulele and play it. For people looking for a wide variety of options across all of the different voices of ukulele, this manufacturer is a particularly good choice.

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