Fall in Love With the Music of Julia Nunes

Julia Nunes, a singer and songwriter born in Fairport, NY, in 1989, has been getting quite a bit of attention over the past couple of years and with very good reason. She’s been putting up videos of songs on YouTube and has been gaining quite a large following. She plays a number of instruments including piano, guitar, and the ukulele.

Julia comes from a highly musical family. Her father is a pianist and composer, as was one of her grandfathers. She started to take music lessons when she was just seven years old. She started on piano and then learned the guitar when she was in her teens. She was even writing her own songs when she was just 14. She took up the ukulele in 2005.

Julia Nunes Songs

It was really the popularity of YouTube that helps Nunes to gain her fame. She started putting up videos on the site, which quickly gained a following. She put up songs that she wrote, as well as covers of bands that she loves, including The Beach Boys and the Beatles. These videos helped her to gain the attention of quite a few people in the music industry. They also provided her with legions of fans around the world. Many of her videos have millions of views, and she has more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

It’s actually quite interesting to watch some of the older videos and then to watch the newer videos. Even though she was quite talented when she started putting up videos, the progression she’s made as a player and a singer is unbelievable. She’s really come into her voice and style.

In addition to videos, she also has a number of albums out now. The first of these came out in 2007 under her own label. Titled Left Right Wrong, it contains twelve tracks, two of which are live. In 2008, she released I Wrote These, which contains original songs and compositions. I Think I Know You came out a year later, and features five tracks, all of which are original music. YouTube Covers came out in 2010, and features covers such as “All My Lovin’” from The Beatles and “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. Settle Down came out in 2011. Check out the albums to see just how much talent she has.

A Little More About Her

If you want to listen to a musician with a real love and passion for music, and someone who seems as though she really loves to have fun with songs, then you need to check out Julia Nunes YouTube channel and albums. She has a fantastic voice that’s unique and that gives her covers, as well as her original songs, a wonderful and different sound. Once you start watching the videos and listening to the music, you will not be able to stop! Check out her website to learn more about her, and you will love everything that you see and hear.

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