Johnson Ukuleles: Beginners Ukes

Johnson Ukuleles produces a range of instruments appropriate for beginners and hobby players. Some of their instruments feature mahogany necks. The instruments come in a variety of sizes, allowing new players to experiment a bit with the wide range of body shapes available for these popular Hawaiian instruments. Their low prices—oftentimes well under $100—define them as an instrument made for the masses, not for players who work professionally or for recording artists who need an instrument of the highest quality construction and materials. These modest ukuleles do have their advantages, however, and do a good job of keeping alive the tradition of making this instrument available to anyone and everyone with an itch to play.

Variety of Ukes

These ukuleles come in the pineapple and guitar body shapes. The pineapple shape is popular with those who want something a bit different and who like the feel of this more squared design. The guitar shape should make it easier for anyone with a background in that instrument to transition to the ukulele. All three voices of the ukulele are available from this manufacturer. For the less expensive ukuleles on the market, the soprano voice is usually the most popular choice. This voice has the sound that most people associate with the instrument and allows players to easily transport the instrument with them.

Johnson Ukuleles Are Good To Take On A Hiking Trip

While these ukuleles may not be ready for the concert stage, they are ready for just about anything else. Even for very skilled and experienced players, having an instrument suitable for use around the campfire, on hikes or down at the local park is a nice benefit. There’s no sense taking a ukulele that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to these sorts of places and Johnson ukuleles allow you to take the music with you, wherever you go, without having to worry about caring for a very expensive instrument.

They usually have laminate wood bodies. These offer enough resonance to project well and, though they lack the fullness and warmth of a Koa wood ukulele, they’re certainly fine instruments for casual playing or sing-alongs. They’re also excellent choices for young players who have an interest in the instrument but who aren’t ready for an expensive, hand-crafted ukulele just yet. The instruments are playable enough that they shouldn’t hold a beginner back simply because thousands weren’t spent on providing them with an instrument.

They’re available in ukulele stores all over and constitute some of the most popular choices for casual players. Even though the ukulele has become a viable instrument, Johnson ukes ensure that there is a ukulele out there for anyone who wants to pick one up and play without spending a fortune.

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