How to Tune a Ukulele

If you've ever tuned a guitar, you can easily learn how to tune a ukulele. It's not hard. As long as you can hear the difference in tones from one note to another, you have a fighting chance. Let's face it - if you're tone deaf, you might not want to be taking up a musical instrument at all.

In order for any song to sound halfway decent, you have to have an instrument that is in tune. If you can't tune it, someone else will have to tune it for you. Although, for the ukulele, it really isn't hard to do. Nor is learning to play one.

How to tune a ukulele is easier then you think!

Which String Goes to Which Peg?

Assuming you are using the basic G-C-E-A arrangement of strings, you will need to know which string goes with which peg button on your ukulele. If the ukulele is facing you in a vertical position, the C and G string buttons are on the left and the E and A buttons are on your right. These are the little knobs that you need to turn to either bring the pitch up or lower it.

Look at the ukulele and see which string goes to which peg. The top string should be G and it usually winds to the bottom peg on the left. The second string is C and it usually winds to the top peg on the left. The third string is E and it winds to the top peg on the right. The last string is A and it usually winds to the bottom peg on the right. If your ukulele is wired differently, then you will have to tune it differently, but this is the standard.

Turning the Peg Up or Down a Note

You can tighten the string by turning the peg and raising the note. You can loosen the string and lower the note. You can loosen first to tune down and then tighten to tune up, so that the string stays taut. Either way, the point is to get a good note sound when you strum the ukulele that should be close to what it should sound like.

If you don't know what it should sound like, you can get an idea by visiting music sites that have audio clips of what a note should sound like when learning how to tune a ukulele. Then, you can just compare the two until they sound alike.

Once you have the G done, move over and do the C string. This is how to tune a ukulele. Do all the strings and then check each one individually to see if they've settled properly. Odds are, you will need to repeat this several times to get all of them in tune correctly. Just be patient and take your time.

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