Hawaiian Ukulele Tabs:
A Way to Learn

Playing Hawaiian ukulele tabs will help you understand how to read sheet music so you can play any song you'd like on your ukulele. The tab is used to show finger placement and how each string should be played.

How To Read Hawaiian Ukulele Tabs

The Look of the Tablature

When you first look at the tablature, you will see a grid with four lines. On the left of each grid you will see letters in between each lines. These letters will tell you how your ukulele should be tuned. All ukuleles except for the baritone are normally tuned differently.

The next thing you will see are notes on the grid. This may not mean anything to you if you do not know how to read the notes. This is how the tablature comes into play for you as a ukulele player.

The numbers on the tab represent which strings need to be strum. Each string on the grid corresponds to the strings on your uke. Some of the tabs will show you which fingers need to be on which string. For example, the middle finger needs to be on the middle string and it is number '2' on the tab.

Another notation you will see on the ukulele tabulation is a letter 'o'. This letter 'o' lets you know that that the string that you just played is open. That means that when you play that string you do not need to press your fingers down on any other strings to make the sound.

On some tabulations, you will see a 'x' on some of the strings. This 'x' signifies that you should not play that string. This is not a common notation on the tabs because usually the string is left out if it should not be played.

Tabulated Beats

When playing this instrument you will need to know how many beats you should make each string sound before you move on to the next. The tabulation will tell you exactly how many beats to apply by letting you know that it is a 4/4 or ¾ measure. A 4/4 is the most common beat and it means that you let 4 beats go by before you move on. The ¾ means that you allow 3 beats.

Playing Hawaiian ukulele tabs is fun and easy. As soon as you become comfortable with where you fingers need to be and what the notes mean on the grid, you can move on to sheet music that does not have notation like the tabulations. However, you can use tabs as long as you like, because there are many great Hawaiian songs on tabulations for you to choose between.

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