The Wonderful Sounds of
Hawaiian Ukulele Music

Hawaiian ukulele music is played by the people of Hawaii as part of their culture and history. In history, the Portuguese were the first to bring the 'braguinha' or ukulele to Hawaii and show them how to use it. Ever since then, the people of Hawaii have passed down the music of the ukulele from generation to generation.

The music of Hawaii is lively, joyful and beautiful. The tunes tell a story of the past and the present. You will find that people will play the uke solo or in groups, often accompanied by singing. When you think of Hawaii, you think of the ukulele.

Here's what it sounds like practicing Hawaiian Music with an Ukulele

Learn to Play Hawaiian Ukulele Music

Learning to play Hawaiian music with your ukulele is not difficult. It is much like playing another other type of music. There are easier pieces as well as more complex.

When you start out, choose a song that is not too long and is not too fast. The faster or livelier the song the more you will have to strum and change strings. This can become hard to follow if you are not experienced.

Break the song into parts so you can master small parts before mastering the whole song. You will find that once you get the hang of the first part of the song, the rest will come naturally. You will also find that other songs are similar, so you will be able to take the skills you learned from one Hawaiian song and use it on another.

Start off with easy music

If you start with songs that are simpler, before too long you will have mastered that level and be able to move on to more complex ones. More difficult music will require you to switch between more chords quickly. You will also need to switch strings smoothly or your song will sound choppy. You may want to start off with a 2 - 4 chord song. Something like Tiny Bubbles. It has 4 chords, with a slow strum.

The old saying, "Practice makes perfect," is completely true with the ukulele. Even though it is an easy instrument to play, you still need to learn how to play it properly. With practice, you can achieve the most complex Hawaiian ukulele music and start sounding like you are a native of the Islands.

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