Hawaiian Songs for the Ukulele

Hawaiian songs for the ukulele are unique and give you the feeling that you have all of sudden taken a trip to the tropical paradise of the islands. The songs of Hawaii tell a story of times past, which gives the ukulele music a wonderful tone not found in any other type of music.

The Culture of Hawaiian Ukulele Songs

The reason why the ukulele has become one of the most popular instruments in Hawaii have to do with its history. The Portuguese were the first to introduce the ukulele to the Islands. The people of Hawaii immediately started playing it and creating beautiful music. It was passed down the generations as part of the Hawaiian culture.

Hawaii holds on to their tradition by celebrating it's cultural heritage with an annual festival in Waikiki. It's called the Aloha Festivals, or to locals, Ho'olaulea. It's a week long celebration with music, food, entertainment, hula and lots of fun! Every year they've brought the great music of the ukulele to their residents and visitors via concerts and radio. Some of the best ukulelists and bands are featured at these festivals. There are many different ukuleles for sale at the event, which helps keep the ukulele culture alive.

Since many Hawaiian's relocated to the US Mainland, they have also started their own type of Aloha Festivals or Ho'olauleas. In Las Vegas, Nevada, they have the Pure Aloha. Arizona also has their own Aloha Festival. If I'm not mistaken, California, Oregon, and Washington also have their own version too. Lots and lots of Hawaiian's on the US West Coast.

Listing of Hawaiian Songs For The Ukulele

Here is a list of popular Hawaiian songs played on a ukulele. Many of the songs have been played for centuries and others are quite new. You can find sheet music for these songs and play them for yourself on your ukulele. Here's an example:

  • Aloha Oe
  • Ke Kali Nei Au (The Hawaiian Wedding Song)
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Waikiki
Huapala is a excellent resource to find traditional Hawaiian music. It contains hard to find lyrics. If you're looking for the chords to play, you can either contact me or You Tube the song to look for the chords.

Where to Find Hawaiian Songs

If you are looking for Hawaiian songs for the uke, you are in luck because it is the most popular type of sheet music to find, since when most people think of Hawaii they think of the ukulele. You can find many sheet music books and some with CDs on the internet or at your local music store.

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