The Classic Harmony Ukulele Company

Harmony ukuleles was in business from the late 1800s until 1975. From 1916 until the close of the business, they were owned by the Sears Roebuck company. This company’s ukuleles are generally considered highly collectible and some of them are worth a lot of money. The particulars about this situation, however, reveal that the ukulele has come a long way in terms of its role in music over the years.

Why People Love Harmony Ukulele

Harmony Ukulele

They are most famous for being sold out of the Sears Roebuck catalog. They were most popular during the 1950s and the 1960s. During this time, Hawaii was gaining a reputation as a great place to go on vacation and people on the mainland were very curious about the culture and the experience of visiting the islands. Ukuleles offered a way to bring a little bit of the islands back and, also during the 20th century, ukuleles became popular with vaudeville performers and performing musicians.

These ukuleles are not actually particularly high quality instruments. In plainer terms, they’re downright cheap. What’s interesting about this is that the plywood version of these ukuleles – plywood is not a material used in quality instruments – are actually among the most valuable. What makes people interested in these ukuleles is the fact that they are tangible representations of a time when ukuleles really hadn’t come into their own as serious instruments. They were still part souvenir and part novelty.

Listen to a 1960's Model

Collector's Items

Harmony ukuleles are collectible ukuleles. This means that they are not in any way suitable for use as a go to instrument for a ukulele player. In fact, they don’t have a particularly good reputation for playability or sound, and choosing a more professional ukulele would be a much wiser choice for a serious performer.

In fact, because these ukuleles are so collectible, it makes more sense to ensure that they are preserved correctly. If you happen to have one, visiting somebody who knows something about ukuleles or similar instruments, such as guitars, should be on your list of things to do. They can likely tell you how to keep the instrument in the best condition possible. Given that many of these instruments are likely to be found in attics and stowed away in footlockers, they may not be in perfect condition when recovered, but keeping them in the best condition possible is important.

Some people will pay a lot of money for a Harmony ukulele. Particularly if the ukulele originated during the time period when Hawaii was becoming something of a national obsession, they may be willing to pay a premium to own it. On the other hand, these ukuleles are also nice little pieces of history. Despite how collectible they are, modern ukulele manufacturers make extremely high quality instruments that rival any other type of instrument on the market. These ukuleles aren’t about quality, they’re about nostalgia and, should you be lucky enough to find one of these ukuleles at a good price or in a storage space, make sure to have it looked at and to preserve it.

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