From a Trusted Name Comes
the Amazing Gibson Ukulele

Gibson Ukulele's, come from the well known, top of the line guitar manufacturer, Gibson. The company is known for producing high quality products that are some of the best on the market. Consumers rely on Gibson and know they can trust this company to give them a good instrument.

Gibson was established in 1902, by Orville Gibson. One of their well known and popular guitars is called Les Paul. They built their name on producing and introducing many lines of guitars for all genres of music. Eventually, the company began producing other stringed instruments, like mandolins and ukuleles.

A Historic Uke

Today Gibson no longer produces the ukuleles, but they are still out there on the market and considered great collector items for someone lucky enough to find one.

Gibson's ukulele is a historic piece. It is made to the same standards as other Gibson instruments, so it is as reliable and durable, high quality ukulele. These ukuleles from Gibson offer a powerful and resonating sound. It is very accurate and easy to play.

The Sound of a Classic

Gibson Ukulele Styles

Due to the fact that Gibson is such a well known and respected manufacturer, it is no surprise that their now defunct ukulele production caught a lot of attention, and that people are still on the lookout for them.

When in production, Gibson made five different styles of ukuleles:

  • Style UB-1: This style had a six inch rim, but was well known for its powerful sound. It was considered a fun instrument for the everyday player.
  • Style UB-2 (also called Style UB-2 De Luxe): This ukulele had a powerful and melodic sound. It was finished in a light or dark mahogany wood. Players often referred to this style as the Baby Gibson.
  • Style UB-3: A typical ukulele that allowed for a flange resonator.
  • Style UB-4: This was an upgrade of the previous model.
  • Style UB-5: Perhaps the showcase of the Gibson collection, this style featured a gold plated finish. It is now worth over $5000.

Finding a Gibson uke today is a nice hunt for the determined ukulele fan. It can be amazing to find one and get a good deal on it. Owning one of these ukuleles from Gibson is owning a little piece of music history.

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