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G String Ukulele Company

G String Ukulele came into being in 1993 and started its humble beginnings from Derek Shimizu's one car garage in Kapahulu. Demand for Hawaiian ukuleles had grown so high (and continues to this day) that single proprietor shops were opening up to take advantage of this market. Through this inauspicious beginning, a commitment to an artisan quality process that oversees every aspect of the building of your ukulele took root.

Now, G String is known for its devotion to the same single person attention you would have gotten had you bought a ukulele when they came out of the shop in the garage.

Custom Acoustic Electric "G String Ukulele"

Single Technician Means High Quality

G String believes that having one technician who builds your ukulele from start to finish is the key to high quality. The technician will do the structural work and have helpers for artistic details, but they oversee this aspect of the work too. Each technician who works at G String has to undergo training that can span from six months to one year. Evaluations are performed after the training to make sure they are ready to start building ukuleles that carry the G String name.

Nod to Technology

Unlike most ukulele manufacturers, G String does not think an assembly line makes a good ukulele. They make use of technological "advancements" only when they believe it benefits the quality and sound of the instrument.

Even though the ukuleles are mostly hand-crafted, there are some areas where G String believes technology can enhance the quality of their work. The necks and fretboard are milled on a CNC machine for all the ukuleles. However, even this process is overseen by the technician whose initials will eventually be put on the ukulele next to the serial number.

Since each technician responsible for the creation of your ukulele has their initials put on the final instrument, they can be identified and contacted should you have a question. All you would have to do is read the serial number and initial combination and you can then ask any question you want about the ukulele you have purchased from G String.

Sadly, as of 2016, it appears G-String Ukuleles is now defunct and no longer operating. Hopefully, they'll make a come back!

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