A Flea Ukulele Provides
Good Size and Even Better Sound

The Flea Ukulele, available through their companies website, is a wonderful choice for beginning and advanced players alike. The company makes a wide variety of different types of ukes.

Flea Market Music Shines

Started by Jim Beloff, the company sells some of the most beloved ukuleles on the market today, not to mention a host of other ukulele products. They have a great site that offers info on the instruments, a bulletin board, directory of players, a Q&A area, and even a ukulele tuner. Their site has just about everything you could want, from DVDs to books and more. They strive to make their customers happy with every purchase they make.

The Great Style of the Flea Ukulele

The Flea Ukulele is similar to the company’s popular Fluke Ukulele. However, it is a smaller version, and that means it is a great choice for players who might have smaller hands, and those who are new. It’s easy to play, but is still offers that wonderful, big sound that you crave. Choose from soprano with 15 frets or concert tenor with 17 frets. They have solid maple necks and laminate birch tops, not to mention all of the great colors and styles. Buyers also have the option of choosing a hardwood fretboard and pickup on all of the different models.

A Whole Lot of Ukuleles

With all of the colors and styles of Flea Ukulele, you will find plenty to love with these beautiful, bright-toned instruments.

  • Confetti Flea – Here’s a new design that has a fun and colorful body, as well as a great sound.
  • Rosette Flea – Features a laser-cut rosette soundhole.
  • Stripe Flea – This new design features colorful stripes on the body, along with a great sound.
  • Laser Soundhole Flea – These Fleas are available with mango, hibiscus, ukelyptus, and natural soundboards
  • Walnut Flea – Features a great walnut laminate soundboard and a hardwood fretboard with a nice walnut neck.
  • Banana Flea – This beautiful, yellow ukulele is great for players of all levels.
  • Lagoon Flea – Here’s an easy playing uke that features a gorgeous blue soundboard.
  • Aloha Plum Flea – You will love the beautiful flower pattern on the plumb background!
  • Aloha Red Flea – This uke features a red background with a yellow hibiscus design that’s reminiscent of a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Island Flea – The uke features a flower design inspired by the beauty of the islands.
  • New Tiki Flea – The ukulele has a nice Tiki design on the soundboard.
  • Tie-Dye Flea – The tie-dye soundboard offers an interesting look for this easy playing and great sounding uke.
  • Batik Flea – The ukulele features a nice batik design that has a very Hawaiian feel.
  • Koa Flea – The uke features a solid Koa wood top, along with a hardwood fingerboard and walnut neck.
  • Camp Flea – You will adore the great scene on the soundboard. It features a moon and star over the water.
  • Mahogany Flea – Here’s a gorgeous option featuring mahogany laminate and a hardwood fretboard. It also has a natural wood bridge and a walnut neck.
  • Pineapple Flea – Here’s a cute uke that has a fun pineapple design on the soundboard. You don’t get much more Hawaiian than that.
  • Surf Flea – The fantastic surfboard design on the uke comes from Tiki King.
  • Bark Cloth Flea – Another design from Tiki King, this features a great bark cloth print design on the soundboard.
  • Bubblegum Pink Flea – Features a fun, pink soundboard.
  • Lava Flea – This is a great looking uke with a simple, black soundboard.
  • Grape Flea – The purple soundboard is a great choice!
  • Ukelyptus Flea – This Flea Ukulele features a green soundboard and black accents.
  • Mango Flea – Has an orange soundboard and black accents.Natural Flea – If you want the all-natural, clean look, then this uke is for you.
  • Hibiscus Red Flea – Here is a beautiful, red soundboard on a great playing uke.

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