What to Expect with
Your First Ukulele Lesson

If you have a ukulele you are ready for your first ukulele lesson. But there are some things you should know before you begin learning how to play this beautiful instrument.

Coming prepared to your first ukulele lesson

Whether you decide to teach yourself the ukulele or you hire someone to work with you, you will find that learning how to play is quite simple. This instrument is one of the easiest to learn to play. You will find that you will pick up the unique finger work and chords quickly.

The first thing you need is your instrument. There are many types of ukuleles available for you to purchase. Each type of ukulele has a different sound and plays music differently. Once you have found the sound you like, you will be able to tune it.

Make sure you tune your ukulele before you start your first lesson. You want it to sound perfect when you start playing your first chords. If you are unsure if your ukulele is tuned you can ask your instructor or go to a music shop to check it out. If you have ever tuned a guitar or other similar instrument, this should not be a problem for you.

Your First Lesson with Your Ukulele

Your first lesson with the ukulele will consist of learning the chords on your particular instrument. You will need to place your fingers directly on the strings and learn how to strum them. This strumming is the most important thing you must learn before you start to play different chords. The next thing to learn is how to read the sheet music. You will need a chord chart that will help you learn which chords to strum. When reading the sheet, you will see a diagram that looks like the fretboard on the ukulele. You will see that each number on the sheet music corresponds to where your fingers need to be on the fretboard.

Major Ukulele Chords

Your first ukulele lesson will consist of you learning which fingers correspond to what number on the grid. Your index finger is for the number "1" on the grid. Your middle finger is placed when the number "2" is present. Number "3" goes with your ring finger and your pinky is number "4".

Once you have learned what the chords are and where to place your fingers on the fretboard, you will be able to start playing. This means that your first lesson is complete and you are ready to move on. You will find that you will go through the lesson quickly because of the ease of learning this instrument.

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