Eleuke - A Different Type of Ukulele

The Eleuke offers the classic sound of a ukulele with modern technology integrated into the instrument. Available in the major voices, these ukuleles are suitable for concert use, student use or just having fun. They come with piezo pickups, allowing them to be used with amplifiers and to be hooked directly into recording equipment. These instruments come with more than a pickup, however. Newer technology has also been integrated into their design. This makes them ideal for students who need to practice without disturbing others and for those who like to practice with an entire ensemble behind them.

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You can even use your MP3 on a Eleuke

These instruments comes with an MP3 throughput. This allows the user to hook their MP3 player directly to the instrument. Using this input, you can play along with your MP3 player. This allows you to practice your parts for an ensemble performance, to compose with a background track, to practice with recordings of your instructor or simply to have a bit of fun playing along with your favorite songs. This feature constitutes a powerful learning tool in that it can help you to get used to following along with other musicians, even if they’re not there at the time.

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Hook it up to an amplifier

It also has a ¼ inch output jack, allowing the instrument to be hooked up to an amplifier. This is an excellent feature for those who are performing live, allowing you to be loud enough to be heard without hitting the strings so hard that you compromise your tone. This jack also allows you to hook up to effects pedals and entire pedal boards, vastly increasing the flexibility of the instrument in for both performance and practice. The pickup is compatible with any amplifier and works in the same fashion as do the pickups installed on electric guitars.

Using a headphone

It also has a headphone out jack. This allows you to practice as much as you’d like without disturbing anyone in the house. The solid-body models are particularly quiet when unamplified, making it easy to plug in your headphones and play all night, if you want, without waking the neighbors. The Eleuke can also be plugged directly into a computer with this jack. This allows you to record onto your hard drive without the noise and acoustic concerns that go along with recording an instrument being amplified with an external microphone.

The Designs

The Eleuke comes in numerous different designs. The solid body designs, such as the RH and 100 series designs, feature innovative body styles with cutouts and cutaways that allow greater access to the instrument’s higher frets. The Pineapple design and acoustic designs offer something more traditional, which should appeal to those who prefer not to use a solid body, but who still need an amplified instrument for performance or practice. The range of instruments available ensures that there are choices for everyone at every level of performance. For students, the ability to practice in headphones or along with MP3s is particularly useful where learning is concerned.

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