Considering An Electric Ukulele

Using an electric ukulele mirror those of using any electrified instrument; guitar, bass, and any others. The advantages include more ease in amplifying the sound, which can be particularly advantageous for professional ukulele players, as the natural sound of the instrument is soft and quite intimate. The amplification can be done without a microphone, allowing for greater control over the sound.

Electric guitars, of course, come in a wide variety of designs, some of them far more style oriented than practical. The same is true of electric ukes. Because the body isn’t used to resonate the sound exclusively and there’s an electric pickup that works as the main component of the amplification system, designers are freer to reduce the volume of the body and introduce interesting shapes to the instrument.

Woods That Are Used

Where electric ukes are concerned, the wood isn’t as important as it is with an exclusively acoustic instrument. Spruce is a very commonly used wood to make these instruments, particularly at the mid range of prices. Ukuleles that have full bodies tend to use the same more expensive and exotic woods that are used on their acoustic cousins. The advantage in the full-bodied electric uke is the fact that it can be played with or without electric application.

Recommended To Buy

The Cordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele with Gig Bag is a highly recommended buy! It's made up of 100% mahogany wood, 2 band EQ pickup, Rosewood bridge/finger board, and herringbone pattern rosette inlay. This is a great ukulele to plug into an amp or system, whether you're a beginner or professional!

Electric Ukulele Pickups

Electric ukuleles are very dependent upon their pickups for their sound. Instrument pickups are very advanced at this point and very easy to control. Some players, however, might actually prefer using an older pickup, just to get a particular quality to the sound. Fishman pickups are among the widely used brands among professionals.

One of the particulars to consider about pickups is whether they are active or passive. Active pickups typically have better response but some people prefer the sound of passive pickups. Where selecting pickups for an electric uke is concerned, the process is likely to become something of a long-term one, as each player will have to settle into the brand that they prefer over time.


Along with an electric uke, most players will obviously want to buy an amplifier. There are plenty of inexpensive amplifiers on the market that are quite good. Amplifiers, however, are another area where performers can spend a bit more money and get products that are very high quality and that also lend a distinctive element to the sound of the instrument.

A Must For The Performer

Picking up an electric uke is likely to be inevitable for a professional performer. For people who perform once in a while, and for people who just want something that’s a little bit louder, and electric ukulele may also be a good option. One of the advantages of these instruments is the incredible variety of designs. If you want something that’s particularly stylish or modern, getting one of these instruments will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the ukulele’s characteristic sound with the addition of a lot of style and the ability to be amplified to most any volume.

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