Cordoba Brand Ukulele

The Cordoba brand ukulele line of instruments is designed for the more advanced, even professional, player. For those who are looking for a second instrument that they won’t have to upgrade to accommodate their increases in skill, this line provides several options. These instruments are designed to be concert-quality and, to that end, they require the level of care demanded by any quality instrument. They are durable and long-lasting, like any well-made instrument. This company was founded in 1997 and has a good reputation with advanced players of the ukulele.

Listen to Cordoba's "Best Selling Ukulele" - 20TM-CE Tenor

The characteristics of more high-end instruments are apparent in any Cordoba brand ukulele. The woods used generally include koa, one of the traditional materials for manufacturing these instruments. The back and sides of the instruments are generally made of mahogany, a preferred wood among instrument builders for hundreds of years. These materials are all combined in a durable instrument that offers good tone and playability. The instruments manufactured by this company encompass the full range of ukulele voices, from soprano to baritone, making them diverse enough for the professional player in their offerings. Some of them have other modifications preferred by players who take their instruments seriously.

Now here's the Cordoba 25CK Concert

Models such as the 25TK-CE have cutaways on the body. This body design has been popular for guitars for many years—stylized cutaways are usually among the most distinctive features of electric guitars—and they add a lot to any instrument so designed. The cutaway allows the performer to reach the uppermost frets while keeping their hand in a suitable position for sounding clear tones. It also reduces hand fatigue by ensuring that one need not stretch very long distances to reach the last frets. In modern compositions, higher notes tend to be more heavily-used, making this a necessity for serious performers.

One should always purchase a case with an instrument of the caliber of a Cordoba brand ukulele. The case, of course, protects the instrument in transit but also provides an easily-controlled environment for the ukulele. This is imperative to preserving the integrity of the instrument. Wood is very much affected by temperature and humidity and a case allows the owner to keep their instrument safely stowed in what amounts to a micro-climate, where these variables can be more easily controlled than they may be in a large room. When they’re not in a case or being played, a stand should be used to hold these instruments.

Lastly the Cordoba 15SM Soprano

Cordoba brand ukuleles, like any high-end brand, can be instruments that last for a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, these ukuleles will retain their sound and, in many cases, older instruments even improve in their sound over time and with being played. These ukuleles also demand high-quality strings to achieve the best sound and a player shouldn’t be shy about purchasing several different brands and seeing which one they like the best. These instruments deserve all the high-end accessories, as benefits from their high standards of construction.

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