Cordoba Brand Ukulele

Cordoba brand ukuleles are aimed at professional players and very advanced players. They also are likely appropriate for intermediate players who are certain that they want to continue on learning to play the ukulele and who want an instrument that they’re not going to grow out of over time. Their ukuleles are fully concert ready and they enjoy a good reputation with professional players in general. Because these instruments are more of an investment than most ukuleles, it’s advisable to be certain that you’re ready to purchase a high quality case and to take measures to preserve the instrument.

Cordoba Brand Ukulele "Best Selling Ukulele" - 20TM-CE Tenor

Koa wood is used in the manufacture of these ukuleles. This is one of the most traditional of ukulele making materials and contributes to the instrument’s characteristic sound. Mahogany is used on the side of the instrument and on the back of the instrument. The result is an instrument that is very playable and that offers an excellent tone. They produce ukuleles that come in all four standard voices. There are also designs available that have various modifications that make them more useful to specific types of players.

Now here's the Cordoba 25CK Concert

For example, the 25TK-CE design from this manufacturer is a good choice for players who like to reach the higher frets quite often. This one has a cutaway, which will be a design anybody familiar with electric guitars will have seen before. A piece of the body is cut away from the main body, allowing the player to get their hand around the neck at the highest frets more easily.

Cordoba brand ukuleles are put together with enough attention to quality and detail to last a lifetime. Because these are concert ready instruments, they are also heirloom quality instruments and ones that even advanced players are always likely to find a use for. For most beginning players, these ukuleles would represent a rather significant investment in an instrument that the player has not yet learned how to play. However, for players who are looking to take their ukulele study and playing up to the next level, this would be one of the brands that should be given consideration.

Lastly the Cordoba 15SM Soprano

Cordoba brand ukuleles, as was said, need to be stored carefully and protected from damage. Humidity and overly dry conditions, weather extremes and other environmental hazards can damage the wood on any high-quality instrument. It’s important to learn how to care for one of these instruments when purchasing it, so you don’t end up losing your investment.

These are the types of instruments where the quality of microphones used to amplify them, the strings that are used on them and other variables will make differences in the sound. They’re very precise and very responsive and are entirely suitable for performers who are at a level where creating their own, distinctive sound is quickly becoming one of their goals. Definitely not a souvenir ukulele, a Cordoba ukulele is a serious instrument designed for serious players.

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