Concert Ukulele

The concert ukulele is able to provide a deeper sound than the soprano uke, and this is really one of the biggest draws to the instrument. While these instruments are typically more expensive than a soprano, they are still very affordable, and you can find some fantastic options that will work well for just about any budget.

Ukuleles come in different styles and sizes, and one of the most popular sizes is the concert uke. Another name commonly associated with this type of uke is alto. It’s a very popular option because it is a mid-sized instrument that really fits that sweet spot for most people in terms of not only the dimensions, but also the sound. It is 23 inches long, which is two inches longer than the soprano ukulele. This can make it easier to use for those who have slightly larger hands.

While it will typically have four strings like other ukuleles, you can find some that actually have six strings. Even though they have six strings, they still have a uke sound, so you don’t have to worry about them sounding like a guitar.

The Scale

The scale of the concert uke is different as well. The scale is the area of the instrument where the strings are actually playable. It will typically range from the nut to the top of the bridge. The scale is generally 15 inches on an alto ukulele, whereas it is only 13 inches on the soprano. This gives players more room, not to mention more notes that they can use.

My Concert Ukulele Recommendation

The Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele is a great concert ukulele for beginners that wants a bigger ukulele to play with. You will find that the tone, playability, and craftsmanship, is amazing. This is an entry level ukulele that you will fall in love with and get your bang for the buck!

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How To Decide?

It really is an individual choice as to whether you want the standard soprano ukulele or you want to upgrade to the alto ukulele right away. You can start with a soprano, if you want something very inexpensive, or you can go straight to the alto ukulele if you know that your hands would be more comfortable with a longer scale. There is no right or wrong decision when you are buying a ukulele. All the different types have their own unique sound and are fun and easy to learn and play.

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