Should You Buy a Ukulele?

As you might think, one of the first things to consider when you want to buy a ukulele is whether you have any musical background.

If you do have a background in music, then you might want to go with a baritone ukulele instead of a soprano, especially if you already play the guitar. It will be an easy transfer of skills since the top four strings on the guitar correspond to the four strings on the baritone ukulele. Other than that, when seeking a good ukulele for sale you may also want to consider what equipment and music books you might need, and whether you want to learn on your own or with an instructor.

Tips on how to buy a ukulele...

The Different Types Of Ukuleles

The four basic types of ukulele are soprano, alto (concert), tenor, and baritone. The smallest and most popular is the soprano ukulele. As you go down the line from soprano to alto, tenor, and then baritone, the notes can get richer and fuller. The cost of buying the equipment also increases.

Soprano ukuleles are the least expensive, with baritones being the most expensive. Aside from these types, you may find fluke ukuleles and other shapes that appeal to you like the pineapple ukulele. It's really up to you to decide which you want to learn.

If you are a beginner, the soprano is usually recommended. If you are someone that plays the guitar, then you might feel comfortable investing in a baritone ukulele. Whe you decide to buy a ukulele the choice is really yours; it all depends on the sound you want and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Initially, you will want to locate sheet music books written specifically for the ukulele. These will include a special chord chart that makes it easy for even novices to learn the instrument on their own. You don't have to have any ability to read sheet music, but you do have to learn how the chord chart visually represents the ukulele and the placement of your fingers on the fretboard.

If you have never played the ukulele or any other instrument before, try to find beginners books with a sampling of songs that are easy to learn. Once you get past this stage, you can start to get into more intricate pieces.

You may have enough musical know-how to successfully tune your ukulele and start reading the chord charts. Or, you might want someone to instruct you until you feel more comfortable with the instrument. If so, you will want to locate people who can instruct you in the ukulele before you set out to buy a ukulele and the sheet music. They may have specific recommendations that can make it easier for you to learn the instrument with the method they choose to use to instruct.

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