Bushman Ukulele:
Quality Sound and Name

Bushman Ukulele

The Bushman Ukulele is made by a company that first sold harmonicas, which is located in Indianapolis, IN. John Hall first started The Bushman Music Works in 1986 and is still currently in business. The manufacturer revolutionized the harmonica, making it easier to play and therefore creating a better harmonica and establishing them in the music business. This company is known for creating high quality instruments that were suited to the player.

Eventually the Bushman version of the ukulele came about. Their ukulele is made to the same standards as the original ukuleles with hard, solid wood and superior craftsmanship. The Bushman name is synonymous with high quality products.

The Different Bushman Ukulele Lines

The ukuleles sold by this company come in a variety of styles. They have five different ukulele lines. They are Jenny, Cedar Tone, Engelmann, Blue bird and Homegrown. Each line is developed and manufactured to the highest standard and quality.

The Jenny Line

There are four different styles in the Jenny line - Soprano, Pineapple, Concert and Tenor. The Jenny line is known for its solid wood construction. They are made from Brazilian Mahogany.

The Cedar Tone Line

There are three different styles in the Cedar Tone line – Soprano, Concert and Tenor. The Cedar Tone line is made from rosewood and cedar and is known for its rich sound. It is the most popular line that they make.

The Englemann Line

This line has three different styles – pineapple, concert and tenor. This line is named for the type of wood it is made of, the Englemann spruce.

The Bluebird Line

There are two style sin the Bluebird line – concert and soprano. The Bluebird line is all made in the USA. They are made from mahogany.

The Homegrown Line

The Homegrown line has three styles – concert, pineapple and soprano. Like the Bluebird line, this line of ukulele is completely made in the USA. They are constructed of spruce and mahogany. Every ukulele made by The Bushman Music Works stands up to the company's reputation for great quality and finely made instruments. The customer is always satisfied when he buys one. It's more than just an instrument, though. Its fine craftsmanship permits it to be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom.

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