Easy Bob Marley Ukulele Songs

These three songs are some of the easiest Bob Marley ukulele songs that you can learn. Bob Marley on ukulele sounds fantastic, and it really is a perfect marriage of genres of island music. You will find that many of Marley's songs sound fantastic when played on this instrument. In this post, we'll talk a bit about the top three songs that you will want to learn on ukulele.

Easiest Bob Marley Ukulele Songs - Three Little Birds, No Woman No Cry, & One Love

This is a classic that has a great sound and simple lyrics. The chords in "Three Little Birds" are nice and simple as well. G, C, and D are the only chords that you need for this song as I teach it here. You can play the regular chords or bar chords to get a different sound.

"No Woman No Cry" is another one of the classic songs from Marley that you know and love. It's also quite easy, and it sounds great on ukulele. Lesson to come!

"One Love" is another one of the Bob Marley Ukulele songs that you should make part of your playlist. In fact, it's probably his most popular song and is one that everyone knows. It works out quite well for beginners. Another lesson to come!

Playing These Songs

As you can see, these songs are really quite easy to play on ukulele. They will sound absolutely fantastic on this instrument, and it will not take long to learn them at all. Whether you are learning Bob Marley ukulele songs, or you are learning songs from another genre entirely, you will want to consider changing up your strumming pattern, such as using the reggae strum, to get the sound just right. It's the strumming pattern that will really make the difference in how the song sounds when you play it, so take the time to get it right.

Also, make sure you spend plenty of time listening to the original recordings to get an idea of the rhythm of the piece. You can add some of your own flourishes once you get to the point where you feel comfortable if you like, but keeping things nice and simple really does sound good with these songs.

These are just one of many Bob Marley songs that you can learn. They are three of the most popular though, and likely the ones that students will want to learn with. Go deeper into Marley's catalog and learn some of the other songs that you love. Also, check out some other reggae artists if you like this style of music. You will find some great music to listen to and to learn.

Never stop learning, and keep branching out into different musical styles. Learning how to play reggae on the ukulele will provide you with some great skills that you can use when you are playing other types of music, improvising, and even writing your own music.

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