Baritone Ukulele Music

Baritone ukulele music is much different from other uke varieties. The baritone ukulele is the largest of all the ukuleles. The soprano is the smallest, followed by the concert and tenor. The baritone was created in the 1940s and measures 30" in length.

Here's some Baritone Ukulele Music - Bob Marley's "Redemption Song"

The Baritone Uke is Different

Another unique feature of the baritone is that it is tuned differently from other ukuleles. Other ukuleles tuned with G'C'E'A' and the baritone is tuned from low to high tones. This means that its tuning is a D-G-B-E. This tuning is similar to a guitar's because of its size.

The baritone ukulele sounds very much like a guitar, so many folks who would rather work with a guitar but like the small size of the baritone pick this type. If you wanted your baritone to sound more like a ukulele, you have to buy special gauge strings. These special strings are made especially for the baritone and will adjust your tuning to a regular ukulele's tuning of G'C'E'A'.

Recommended to buy

Another unique feature of this ukulele is that you need to purchase special baritone music. Due to its different tuning, the baritone will not play music as beautifully as with regular uke music. Music needs to be tailored for this type of ukulele, and will sound much better to you.

This is unless you have purchased the special strings to turn your baritone sound into a more typical ukulele. Then you will be able to use the same music as you would for the smaller ukes. Most people who purchase the baritone do so for the sound of it and will usually only change the strings if they decide later on down the line that they would rather have the uky sounding ukulele.

Playing the Baritone Ukulele

Playing the baritone ukulele is just the same as the smaller ones. This is an easy instrument to learn to play, much easier than learning the guitar. This is why people usually choose the baritone ukulele over a guitar if they are beginners. It still only has the four strings, which makes it much less complex than a regular guitar.

If you are looking for a guitar alternative, try the mini guitar, a baritone ukulele. You will find that it is enjoyable to play and you will learn quickly. Before you know it, you will be playing beautiful baritone ukulele music.

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